Tess Monthly Summary: April 2017

With summer coming I tried to really soak up my solo Tess time as much as I could! I know I talked to other parents from the preschool and they were trying to convince me to put Tess in school 5 days next year but no way is that happening. I love the quality time I get with my littlest ones when older ones are at school! It’s great going and doing with just ONE kid and it’s a bonus that Tess is pretty easy (at least most of the time). I know we may be having little brother join us on her days off in the fall (fingers crossed) so I tried to do a lot with her before our solo time ends!

She kept calling this guy “David” and I think David (from the Bible) is her first crush 😉 

She likes to ask me to take pictures of her in the most random places haha

“hmmmm what do we need?”

“this Mommy?”

Her poses crack me up b/c Britt does crazy posing and now Tess copies!

We love Target 😉

If y’all don’t have any look and find type books then def get some! They are PERFECT for the car and so great for ALL of my kids. I keep a tote filled with them in the back seat and they each pick one anytime we’re in the car. They make toddler ones with thicker pages, but of course Tess likes to use the same ones the big kids use 😉

For her last show and tell she got to bring anything she wanted so, of course, she brought Moana!

Right now the BIG thing for Tess is playing dr. She’s obsessed about it!

She is usually content to just play on her own!

Sometimes Tess plays SO WELL solo and is SO quiet that I don’t check up on her enough…like when this happens: 

Whole time on walk she kept asking “where is my hat? my hat???”

Tess is extremely independent. It’s a blessing and a curse b/c she takes 1,000 years to do anything since she wants to do it all herself. AND she often makes bigger messes trying to do things solo too. But I love that she wants to do things on her own!

Love seeing her reading books from my childhood!

Miss Chatty Cathy!

We had some issues this month with the older kids and attitudes. One evening I was letting the kids watch a movie for fun with dinner and the older two bickered about which movie to watch so they didn’t get to have the picnic for dinner and Tess ate solo with the movie. Maybe she’ll learn from some of their mistakes 😉


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