Tess Monthly Summary: April 2018

All about Tessie from April!

Tess LOVES to read. She loves books in general. Carrying them around, looking through them, being read to, and reading herself. I love her love of reading and hope it’s something that continues as she gets older. I love that all of our kids love books!

Always carrying a book and totally entertains herself everywhere she goes!

She brought me Spear’s Bible and asked me to read the WHOLE thing to her. 

Shocker: she didn’t even last through Genesis 1 ha!

An ADORABLE thing she started doing this month was carrying around a small pocket Bible with her. She took it in the car. She carried it out and about. She even took it to Disney World and started asking to sleep with it every time she went to bed. So precious!

I watched her outside as she found a little spot to sit and read her Bible!

She is also at that age where she loves to pull TONS of stuff out and set it ALL up to play. And then I deal with the whining when it’s time to clean it ALL UP. She converted my bathroom water closet into her own little area 😉 

She also got really into wearing Kye’s hat this month and wore it constantly and likes to write notes all the time. 

Tess got this Calico Critter’s house from Santa this last Christmas and LOVES it. She plays with her little animals all the time!

She found a little booklet that came with some of her Calico Critter toy sets and brought this to me. UMMMMM.

Tess also loves to play games! She enjoys playing them together but she also just likes to set them all up and play by herself too. I’m telling yall she’s SO EASY 🙂 

(This game is the Disney Princess Pop Up Magic…we love it!)

She’s very into things being neat and orderly. I remember worrying about Kye at this same age that he might have some OCD concerns because he was so passionate about order! 

Bubbles are her FAVORITE. They may spill within 5 minutes but those 5 minutes are pure joy for her 😉 

She enjoys being outside. I will still say Britt wins for our most outdoorsy child but Tess is probably second!

Right now Tess is on a HUGE Daddy kick. She ADORES him and wants to spend every second with him that she can. It makes his heart so happy because Tess was always the one that was the MOST attached to me. He’s loving getting to create a special bond with her! 

This girl is all about some treats 😉 She has no hesitation in asking for a treat at any time of the day. It’s tough not to cave in and give it to her because who can say no to this smile???

Tess struggles with breakfast. She does great the rest of the day with eating but she’s just NOT into breakfast. Do you make your kids eat breakfast? I struggle because I don’t want to force her to eat but then if I don’t make her eat it she’ll go to school and fill up on snacks. So I want her to have the healthy stuff! Over the summer or on weekends during the school year I don’t mind offering for her to skip breakfast and to instead eat her breakfast food at lunch. She is always so proud when she finishes eating and will come show me her clean plate 🙂

Bless. She’s also at that age where she either won’t fall asleep for nap or she takes a long time to fall asleep and then is GRUMPY when I wake her! Heck this is how I feel when I wake up too 😉 

Whew. Her hair is a RATS NEST. It’s struggle city. The front will look okay but the back will be pure tangles whenever she wakes up. I’m actually planning to give her a shorter cut this summer.  Thoughts?

Tess is so easy going and quiet and enjoys playing by herself but that also means she can be SNEAKY. I was looking for something and she walks in covered in glitter haha

Part of this stage is also the bit of sass coming out. She gets a bit bossy and can be stubborn and it’s something we def have to work on! 

She’s always been my most independent child and loves to do things on her own. I know so much of that is about her birth order and being the third kid because she wants so badly to keep up with Kye and Britt! I typically am VERY patient when she wants to do things herself but UGH the car seat buckling wears me OUT because it takes her forever, the car is hot, I have a new baby and two other kids, we’re usually in a hurry, and it’s not like she can fully do it all herself…so I have to stand there and wait so I can check it and make sure it’s safe and tight. 

This fall Tess will go to school every single day (still half day). Yall it breaks my heart to think about her not being there ANY mornings anymore! I LOVE our time together! My sweet Tessie! 

Videos from the Month:

Love this sweet, precious girl of mine!

She says she poses like Daisy Duck!

This so reminds me of me as a kid! She looks like a little ’80s baby!

Shirts don’t lie 😉

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