Tess is 21 Months Old!

Tess turned 21 months old on April 30th!

Using What to Expect the Toddler Years here is where Tess matches up with the “norm” for her age in the area of development and milestones.

toddler girl - what to expect, 21 months old

At 21 months Tess can do everything a toddler her age should be able to do including:

  • build a tower of two cubs
  • point to one body part when asked

Tess can also do everything a 21 month old will probably be able to do including:

  • kick a ball forward
  • identify two pictures by pointing
  • remove an article of clothing

At 21 months old Tess can also do everything a toddler her age may possibly and may even be able to do including:

  • brush teeth, with help
  • put on an article of clothing

You can compares to Britt’s 21 month post here and Kye’s here!

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