Tess 2 Year Well Visit

Tess’s 1 year visit was on August 12th. I was thankful for this visit because I was having some ear pain issues myself and wanted to get it checked out (I had fluid in my ear and have been on a long on-going treatment plan since. Wah wah)! I was thankful Zach was able to come with us and it was nice just having Tess since the other kids had school!

Big girl stepping right up to the scale! 

She did SO well getting all checked out which surprised me because she doesn’t usually feel very comfortable around new people!

This is something new I don’t remember filling out with my other kids, but I appreciate that they have it. I took a photo of it to keep to refer back to in the future. With the chance of having drug exposure the chance of autism also increases so this may be beneficial for us to keep track of things when Tab comes!

My only real concern regarding Tess was her development. She still has a more developed chest area. It isn’t more developed than it used to be, it just hasn’t gone down much, it any at all. Our PA said she’s not concerned about it so we decided not to go forward with any testing etc. At least not for right now! Especially when we already know they will just say she probably has accelerated bone growth. 

Her stats are: 24 lbs 8 oz (23rd percentile), 34.25 inches tall (50th percentile) and 18.37 head circumference (25th percentile). 

Compared to her 18 month visit where she was: 

Zach and I were both blown AWAY with how awesome she did for shots! I even stayed in the room. They had to prick her toe twice and she just watched and didn’t mind a bit. She did cry for the shots but not nearly as much as you would have imagined she’d cry! 

Our laundry room door frame showing off the height differences of our babies each year, Britt had everyone beat at age 2!

As always I’m just so thankful for my healthy babies! And so proud of Tess for being such a big girl!


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