Spear’s 6 Month Well Visit

Spear had his 6 month well check-up on June 26th. Our appointment was the first one of the day and yet we were there for almost a full two hours. I have always LOVED our… View Post

Spear’s 4 Month Well Visit

Spear’s 4th month well check was on Monday April 16th. We had THE first appointment which was so nice! With the shot appointments I really like Zach to be there. I don’t want my kids… View Post

Tess 2 Year Well Visit

Tess’s 1 year visit was on August 12th. I was thankful for this visit because I was having some ear pain issues myself and wanted to get it checked out (I had fluid in my… View Post

The Importance of the TDaP Vaccine

Disclaimer: I have put off writing this post for one reason and one reason only: I don’t want to deal with the whole vaccine debate. If this post turns into that type of situation then… View Post

Kye 4 Year and Britt 15 Month Well Visits

We had a combo visit for the kids (Kye’s 4 year old check-up and Britt’s 15 month check-up) on March 7th. It’s the last time we can do a combo check up for them so… View Post