Take Your Toddler to Brunch with Bumbo!

Something that I love about having babies is all the cool baby STUFF on the market. Every time I have another baby there are always new, exciting products out and things change so much in such a short time period. Already since having Kye almost 7 years ago there have been tons of new baby-geared products made available to make life easier for parents. It’s pretty awesome πŸ™‚ 

I was excited when Bumbo contacted me recently regarding their latest product: the Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat. I’ve used the traditional Bumbo floor seat with all three of my children but was excited to try out something new and different from a company I’ve enjoyed using for so long! 

Not only did they send me a free product to try out but they also sent me a gift card to take our family to brunch. Duh, I was PUMPED πŸ™‚ 

Here are my personal pics of the seat in the box. You can also learn more about the seat and it’s features on the Bumbo product page via their website here!

It’s designed to be used for babies who can sit unassisted all the way up until three years old! I was immediately in love with the light weight, compact design. I also loved the color πŸ™‚ It’s great that it has wider leg openings (b/c you know all my babies inherited mama’s thighs ha!) and the straps make it perfect for a booster seat. Plus it’s height adjustable and made to easily store the cushion as well as the tray! 

Testing it out πŸ™‚

Our family rarely gets to eat out. With three kids it’s just expensive! We especially don’t get to try out new restaurants very often. If we are going to spend the money on eating out, then we will usually go to familiar places where we know what we like and especially frequent restaurants that offer free kids nights πŸ™‚ I was excited about our new Bumbo Multi Seat but I was also super excited about a chance to go to brunch as a family! 

We took the opportunity to try out a newish (I mean we pretty much live under a rock at this point so it may have been around for awhile by now haha) restaurant in town called The Egg and I. We did something else that we NEVER do and that’s go out to eat immediately after church! We knew we’d hit a crowd but we thought it was the perfect opportunity to truly have a brunch experience with our family πŸ™‚ 

The seat came in handy while we waited for a table! It was tough waiting with the kids because they were pretty hungry being that it was their normal lunch time but I so enjoyed the beautiful weather and especially loved all the people who came up to us commenting on our children’s cute looks and behavior. We don’t go out as a family often enough…all those sweet compliments and kind words make me want to go out more often for sure!

Checking out the menu πŸ™‚

Tess colored on the kids menu (for a few seconds anyway) for the first time!

Typically when we go out to eat we would request a booth and pull up a high chair for Tess but the whole point of this outing was to test out the Bumbo Multi Seat so we sat in a table with chairs. I have used other booster seats at home in the past and I was immediately impressed with how this one doesn’t have a bottom that will damage wood chairs. Our chair in our kitchen is totally ruined because of one of the booster seats we’ve used. I also like that it straps around the back of the chair as well as under the chair. I think we’ve all probably had experiences with kids falling out of the booster seats because they slip! 

I also really liked that everything we needed was right there in the seat. Usually when we go out to eat I’m lugging in a massive fabric high chair cover along with a rolled up table mat for Tess. Even though this was a legit seat we were carrying in…it was still less cumbersome than my normal “eating out necessities.” We also own a clip on type seat as well as a portable high chair and this was MUCH easier to carry and “install” than either of those as well! 

We were extremely impressed with the food at the restaurant. I had an omelet with artichoke and feta and ommmmmgggg I’ve been craving it ever sense! Their prices were very reasonable and I noticed that they found ways to save us money on our bill. I really appreciated that! They also had excellent service and went above and beyond in taking care of our family. The manager even came over and personally introduced himself and gave us a “first visit” gift that is a surprise coupon of some kind for us to use on our next visit! I loved the hometown vibe and it’s a place I can see us frequenting often in the future.

Bonus points for putting the kids’ names on the pancakes!

I really, really liked that Tess had her own tray to eat off of and that she could sit a little back from the actual table. Eating out with a toddler is messy and takes up SO much table space. When she’s sitting at the table with us we have to be so careful not to put things within her reach and her little mat she eats off of takes up a TON of room. It makes for a cramped experience for sure. Also when we use a high chair eating out often they are too low (or maybe the table is too high?) because she has to reach up to get to the food at the table which results in a further mess.

While I did truly appreciate her having the tray…I wish it was bigger. I’d say that would be my only real complaint about this product. The tray is pretty small which resulted in quite a large mess on the floor. The waitress and I were talking (y’all know me, of course I filled her in on how thankful I was to Bumbo for sponsoring our outing!) and that’s the thing she pointed out right away as well. She said she wouldn’t personally use the product to eat out because of the small size of the tray. It did make it super easy to clean up when she was done (it’s a much better material than the silicone placemat thing I usually use) but if it were a little wider it would be much better! 

Speaking of clean up…the design of the seat was very easy to clean too. Usually I have a fabric high chair cover thing and that is a messsss to clean up at a restaurant. All the food gets all in the little creases and folds and I end up balling it up and shaking it out once we get home. This time I was able to use a napkin and a wipe and have it all looking back to brand new in a couple minutes! Easy!

See all the awesome table space we saved! Tess also loved putting her cup up on the table “big girl” style. I also liked that the booster gave her a literal boost up and that she was sitting at a more appropriate hight than she does when in a high chair at a restaurant. For home use we will most likely not use the tray once she’s old enough to pack up the high chair and will just have her sit directly at the table with the seat. 

We had SUCH an awesome time! It’s always a little crazy taking all the kids out (heck a toddler by themselves is a pretty big handful at a restaurant haha) but it’s SO worth it. I’m so, so thankful to Bumbo for providing us with the 3-in-1 seat and for treating us to brunch! The food was fabulous, the seat was awesome, and you know my favorite part was all the attention our sweet babies got from random strangers haha. 

If you’d like to check out all the products Bumbo has to offer (I legit thought they only had the floor seat!) you can see their products page here. They have great videos to show how to properly use all of their products as well. I am VERY impressed with the 3-in-1 multi seat and am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it especially now that Tess is an official TODDLER! Thanks again to #bumbo for our #toddlerbrunch!

You know I wasn’t shy about asking someone to take a family pic for us πŸ˜‰ 

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