I have known that I’m pregnant for over a month now and you’d think I would be used to the idea by now…but I’m not! It STILL does not feel like it is really happening to me and it bothers me. It makes me worried about my baby because shouldn’t I already be feeling like a mom? Shouldn’t I realize that there is a baby inside of me?

Of course when I think about it I’m excited! I can’t wait to hold our baby and to see what he or she looks like. But usually I’m not thinking about it. When Zach and I went to our first dr. visit we both asked her if we are for sure pregnant! Neither of us can believe it and it hasn’t sunken in yet STILL. I have to remind myself often that I am actually pregnant. When I doubt it I say “the dr. said you are” and “you still haven’t gotten your period so it’s legit” to myself! haha.

I think a lot of my feelings of it not being real will be fixed on Tuesday when we get to hear the heartbeat and have an early ultrasound (and sadly for Zach find out that we aren’t having twins haha)

I honestly think a lot of the reason I still can’t believe it is that I am not going through what I expected. I am not the pregnant chick you see in the movies!

My Symptoms:

  1. My breasts are sore and a LOT bigger than usual
  2. I get a lot more tired a lot quicker
  3. I have to go #1 allllllll the time
  4. My stomach feels sick all day, but I don’t throw up
  5. I’m never hungry!!!!

The never being hungry thing REALLY bugs me. And surprisingly, so does the not throwing up thing! Every single movie I have EVER seen shows a girl who is in the early stages of pregnancy eating constantly and throwing up constantly. Instead I feel sick all day and don’t like anything. If anyone knows me they know I love ice cream…and sadly I don’t even want to eat that!!!

It bothers me and makes me wonder if I’m normal or not. I google it of course and it says that some women are like me but still when will the phase end? Please say it will be after the first trimester! I’m ready to be a “normal” pregnant lady!!!

Then today Mrs. Charlotte tells me about a girl who miscarried at 2 1/2 months (which is where I’m about at!)…and so far throughout my pregnancy I haven’t been the least bit worried. No scary dreams, no “bad feelings” nothing. But after hearing that I got scared for the first time!

This afternoon I lazed around and napped (a first for me during the day and I probably should do it more often!) but I kept worrying about it. Now every little feeling…from hunger cramp to having to go to the bathroom makes me scared. Keep me in your prayers! I’m ready for week 12 to get here so I can breathe a little easier 🙂


  1. Anonymous
    August 21, 2008 / 11:09 pm

    Oh girl. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! I felt the same way, I really did! I STILL forget sometimes I am pregnant, until it starts kicking me! This is a weird time, because you really don’t look pregnant, you don’t feel pregnant, but you know you don’t feel like yourself… I was not ever hungry in the beginning but literally, at 12 weeks I got a MAJOR appetite change. It was like clockwork. You can ask ANYONE who throws up, they will wish they didn’t have to. You will probably get the flu ( a lot of people get a stomach bug at some point… your immune system is lower) and if you are throwing up, you will realize you are glad you missed that part!! The reality is, people miscarry, and all you can do is pray for a healthy baby, and ask your family to do the same. My computer is dying! Write more later!!Rachael

  2. Ashley
    August 25, 2008 / 6:29 pm

    I cant wait till u are hungry allll the time b/c I will be right there eaten with u =)

  3. Anonymous
    August 30, 2008 / 3:40 pm

    You are so beautiful. I love the little baby bump! Thank YOU so much for sending me the DVD of your ultrasound. I watch it all the time…and make Lonnie and Becky watch it with me over and over. She/He is so active and beautiful…just like her parents. I’m SOOOOO excited to be a Gramma. I’m ready to go shopping NOW! Love you lots and lots and lots (3 lots cuz there is now 3 of you…not counting the dogs) Mom/Deuce/GRAMMA XOXO

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