Summing up the Rest of the First Two Weeks

I really think we adjusted pretty quickly to having a baby! By the end of the first two weeks I was starting to feel like I had a grasp on things.

As soon as she got back in town, Stacy called me. It was so nice to hear from her. She said when she got back she just had a feeling and checked to see if I’d given birth. She was sorry to miss the big event! We talked for like 20 minutes and she wanted to know all the details..isn’t she sweet? I told her, if it’s not weird, that we should do something sometime. We’re both new moms (she had hers in Sept) and both have sons! It’s tough to find friends, especially ones that have babies!

The church set up a meal plan for us so every other night someone stops by with dinner. It’s been a big blessing for us! Even though I’m a picky eater, it’s given Zach a TON of lunches 🙂 The tough thing for me is keeping up with everyone who stops by so I know who to send thank yous too! haha.

The whole Christian Student Center actually came over with dinner! We had over 10 people in our house! It was a little bit overwhelming but it was very thoughtful of them and most of them hadn’t even seen our house before…so Zach got to do his favorite thing and give the tour!

One thing I won’t forget was one night after a night feeding Zach and I were changing Kye’s diaper and he was being ADORABLE. He was looking right at us and really making eye contact. It was such a sweet moment and really one of the first times he was truly awake! We took full advantage of it for sure!

I love little moments with him. The best time of the day is after I changed his morning diaper and we just spend time in the nursery. The room gets so much natural light, I love it! I don’t even have to turn on the lights…I can just play with and cuddle with my baby!

Mom came back up again the weekend after she had just left. I’m glad it’s only a four hour drive! I’m really glad she came again because in just a week he’d changed so much and things were getting so much easier that I knew she’d get to ENJOY him instead of just having to be figuring things out the whole time!

Who here looks like they need some sleep? haha Zach’s hair is awesome!

Kye LOVES his Gramma!

She got to experience more firsts too! We decided on Saturday to run errands with him. Nana bought us a beautiful houseplant that I wanted to put in the nursery but I needed a little table for it. So Kye’s first outing was to Pier One! It’ll also be his last time there as they do not have shopping carts and they have super skinny aisles so it was a pain! Lucky for me Mom carried around his car seat for me! That thing is HEAVY. That plus the huge diaper bag…I look hilarious! This little girl carrying all this junk!

We also went to Target (and found the table…I actually carried it around the store) and to Old Navy. It was tough at Old Navy because I needed to get a couple things to wear while I lose the weight but it sucked discovering I needed larges and extra larges. It did make me feel good though because some women asked Mom if I had adopted the baby because I didn’t look like I just had him! Yay!

We were out for 4 hours and the child slept the entire time. It was pretty awesome! He didn’t wake up once! It felt good to go out but it also WORE me out. You kinda forget that you need to recover too ya know? I did have so so much fun though and it was worth being sleepy!

4 Hours of Shopping and STILL asleep…

She also got to be there for his first visit to The Parker’s on Sunday. We weren’t nearly ready to try to go to church but going to Charlotte’s was a good tester. It was kinda intense because a lot of people were there. Charlotte, Rusty, Casey, Courtney, Brad, Colt, Mema, Little Mama, and Big Daddy. And everyone wanted to hold him. He was super cranky but I think it’s because he wasn’t used to a lot of bright lights, loud noises, and so many people! He’ll have to deal with it though.

I adore Mr. Rusty (he’s my favorite!) and I truly hope that Kye looks up to his Daddy as much as Zach looks up to Mr. Rusty. They have such a special bond that I really want for Zach and his son!

Big Daddy is my second favorite 🙂 He’s so precious!

My deal with breastfeeding is that I refuse to do it in public. I know a lot of people don’t mind, but I feel like I am already sacrificing a lot for this baby and if I actually GET the privilege (because it is a privilege now!) to leave my house I’m not going to spend that time in a bathroom, off by myself, or having to adjust a hooter hider in order to feed him. So until I can give him a bottle (of my pumped milk) I will be revolving my schedule around his feeding times. So far it’s working out fine. We left Charlotte’s when he started getting cranky and fed him when we got home!

One thing I’ve decided I can’t stand is when people say “he’s hungry.” Like my mom pointed out, he’s my child and I know my child! I don’t know if others feel this way or not, but with breastfeeding if someone says he’s hungry I can FEEL my milk letting down (a tingly feeling in my breasts) and it makes me feel stressed and urgent to feed him, even if I know he doesn’t need it. I know I just have to learn that people say that kind of stuff and I just have to grin and bare it and learn to not let it bug me but I’m not to that point yet!

I was supposed to get my hair done the day after Kye was born…obviously I couldn’t go. I wanted to make an appointment for as soon as possible but Mom had a good point. She said why bother getting my hair done when I’d be sitting at home for awhile anyways! So I waited and got it done once he was 2 weeks old and I knew I’d be going out more often. It felt AMAZING to have it looking root-free again! It was a little tricky figuring out how to deal with him so Mema and Mrs. Charlotte met me at the hair place and took him with them to eat while I got some alone time with my hair 🙂

Also on the 18th (2 weeks old) his umbilical cord fell off! We wanted it off so badly and were pretty pumped about it! That’s one less thing to mess with when changing his diaper! His circumcision being healed has also made it easier! Now all we have to do is wipe, little bit of baby powder, and re-diaper! Soooo much easier than having to alcohol the umbilical cord and petroleum jelly the penis!

As far as I go, I’m still getting used to not being pregnant. It feels awesome to bend over! I painted my toe nails! I can let the dogs in and out of their crates! It’s a wonderful feeling! I can’t imagine if he’d been born late…2 or 3 more weeks of what I felt would have been horrible. I have so so so much more respect for women who go past 40 weeks of pregnancy! Better them than me though haha

Speaking of the dogs, we still love them. A lot of people have told us that we’d stop loving them once the baby got here, but so far they are wrong! Things have changed, of course, but so far the dogs are adjusting really well. They have each other to play with which is nice. Also we have let Levi sleep with us every night (he usually sleeps in his crate) and he’s been SUCH a sweet cuddler! I do, however, wake up with him on me or near me and panic thinking I fell asleep with the baby on me and I am killing him! Levi is about the same size as Kye and so it makes sense that I would think that! Once I actually picked Levi up in my sleep and started to sit up to nurse him haha

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