Summer Recap: Week 9

Week 8 of our summer we spent at THE BEACH! It was awesome and it was also broken up into several posts for you to enjoy πŸ™‚

Week 9 of our summer covers the day we returned from the beach (July 11th) through Friday July 17th!

Recovering from an entire week long vacation took me awhile. Whew the laundry!!! I’m SO thankful we’ve gotten into a routine of cleaning the house prior to leaving for a trip. Coming home to a tidy home is such a blessing!

The kids LOVED our Nemo Themed Day this summer and wanted to do another themed activity. I tried to think up something I could do with stuff we already had and decided to do a Pinkalicious Day! If you haven’t read Pinkalicious
then you should, it’s a cute read and the series has a ton of different books. I don’t love her attitude or some of her choices but rather than not read the book I use it as a chance to talk about making godly choices and having a happy heart πŸ˜‰

Anyways Pinkalicious is all about PINK and the story is about pink cupcakes. Hello easy way to make a Pinkalicious themed snack πŸ™‚ 

Pink food coloring is our friend!

When I stopped to take a picture of our pink snack in progress both kids grabbed their cameras and started snapping away and told me we had to wait to bake because they need to take more pics. I’ve created little picture taking monsters πŸ˜‰

When I posted this on IG I got lots of questions about what cameras my kids have. They are Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Cameras and they are awesome! Highly recommend as a great Christmas gift!

Cupcakes are a process because of the cooling before frosting factor. We baked them while Tess had her morning nap but then didn’t actually eat any until after everyone had their afternoon naps. Everyone got dressed in their pink and we read the book prior to enjoying our snack!

Not a fan of sitting in her high chair just to read πŸ˜‰

Cheese wasn’t pink but it worked!

It was a fun treat and surprisingly none of us turned pink (well other than our tongues!)

I think swimming has been in every summer recap post! I love how the big kids are playing with Tess. They love to swim around with her in the float πŸ™‚ 

This week Zach had to travel a good bit for work so I was all about making things simple. Since I wanted to make some of my Easy Egg and Sausage Burritos (recipe here!) for Kye’s lunches once school started I went ahead and made them this week. The kids and I ate them for our dinner one night and I was able to freeze and store the rest. They are SO YUMMY!

One of my goals this summer was to be more supportive of Zach’s basketball league. Yes, it’s every Tuesday of the summer. Yes, it means he doesn’t see the kids at all that afternoon because he goes straight to the gym. Yes, it means he doesn’t see me either because he doesn’t get home until after 11. Yes, it’s easy to get bitter b/c he plays in the league and still golfs mostly every Friday afternoon. Butttttt I wanted to be more supportive and more of a FAN and cheerleader for my man rather than being annoyed by the whole thing. I actually got a sitter a couple times to sit at the house while the kids slept so I could go watch Zach in action πŸ™‚ It was fun and made me feel like back to when he played football and I was his girlfriend. I had a good time and was glad I did it! 

I also thought it was SO ADORABLE to watch Big Daddy and Little Mama. Yes, Zach’s family comes to watch him play (Jordan too!) in a men’s adult league basketball tournament. Pretty hilarious. I’m pretty sure Big Daddy and Little Mama were at every game or close to it and they get crunk. Sometimes I was a little embarrassed at the stuff Big Daddy would say! Classic!

In the beginning of summer we hit up Hobby Lobby for some craft ideas and had quite a stash to work our way through. This week the kids colored their masks and put on a show for me!

Here’s a video of the show!

While there have been plenty of arguments this summer, I do feel like the time together has been good for Kye and Britt. Overall, they enjoy playing together!

When Daddy is out of town it’s easiest to let them bathe in the big tub together while I shower. I have this weird phobia about showering when I’m home alone!

This week I got all the info from Kye’s and Britt’s schools and could go ahead and knock out their school supplies. I’m basically a nerd and straight up LOVE school supplies. I thought it was going to be a super fun outing with the kids where they’d get to pick out all sorts of fun things for school. I packed their lunches and had them eat at Target in order to maximize our time. With Tess only having 2 hours of awake time I have to take advantage of every second!

Love her little bruised up head from all her craziness!

Unsure about this adventure haha

“pllllease let this go okay” bahaha

It took us awhile (we didn’t leave Target until 1:15, which is 15 minutes past start of naps!) but we got it done! I was very shocked by the cost of all the supplies and SUPER bummed that it wasn’t really all that fun. Kye had to have specific items and none of them allowed for very much personalization. I still tried to keep it fun though and build the excitement for back to school!

While Zach was out of town our family was invited to a birthday party for a little boy from church (who is in Britt’s bible classes). The timing of it worked out well for our schedules and they live very close to my house so I thought it’d be a great outing and fun for the kids to get to play with friends! We arrived really early since I’d have to leave early in order to feed Tess. Great in theory…but then when it came time for me to leave my car was blocked in by like legit at least 30 other vehicles (this was THE biggest birthday party I’ve ever attended! I’m beyond impressed with his mama’s ability to host all those people so well!). Seeing as I was holding Tess and am terrible at backing up I had to ask for help to get people to move their cars. Hello embarrassing moment when like practically every party guest had to rearrange their parking just so I could get out. Oops! The kids had a great time with their friends and it was a very successful party!

Britt loved the “hot tub”

Also this week we had Robyn and crew over to play and swim! We def didn’t get together as much as I’d hoped this summer. Somehow summer always just slips away!!! Our kids play SO WELL together and it’s so awesome to watch them become good friends. I’m so thankful for Robyn and our friendship through the years. πŸ™‚

Our big mission for the weekend was to prep for the party. I’m a high stress person and need to make sure I give myself plenty of time for party prep so I don’t become stressed. What’s the point of planning a party if it only makes you stressed out right? I want to ENJOY the process because I truly do love putting together parties for my kids! I’ve found that by keeping our schedule open the weekend prior to a party I feel WAY less stress in the days leading up to the party πŸ™‚ This time worked out so well too! We’ve also learned that when it comes to deep cleaning my house (which I also do leading up to a party) that it works best when Zach can be home and keep all the kids in the playroom so I can just CLEAN. We did both of those things this time around and really had very little stress at all for the big party!

In my cleaning I killed this on Tess’s high chair. UM SCORPION?!?! I thought we didn’t get these in South Ga? Growing up near Atlanta we got them a lot but I’d never seen one down here!

I also got prints done to update our photo gallery wall. I’m kinda hardcore about all my kids being equally represented on the wall. Like I legit count and make sure they appear in an even number of photos and that there are an even number of solo pics of them too. I know, it’s probably a bit much haha. But I never want anyone to get the impression that we favor one child over the others or that we care about any of them less or something. All our children are our greatest gifts and we wanna show them all off equally πŸ˜‰ 

I don’t do a lot of framed photos around our house so the photo wall is pretty much it when it comes to pictures. I like to have them somewhat updated which is tricky since we do get photos taken so often. I try to remember to update the wall prior to birthday parties as it’s a good way to remember to do it! I am SO glad we decided to put together this wall when we built out home. It’s the #1 thing people comment on when they come to visit and I still love it!

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