Summer 2016 Recap: Week 9

Week 8 of our summer was spent at the B E A C H! So week 9 kicked off the day we got home (July 9th) and went through July 15th!

We had a big week because it was VBS week at church! Our VBS is Sun-Wed night from 6-8. Which is great because it means dinner is taken care of for the kids, but it’s also rough because it means a lot of late nights in a row. I was hoping to be more involved this year with helping since there is a decent chance we may have a baby next year, but Tess just could NOT handle it so she only went one night!

During church on Sunday Tess was in an odd mood and I had to stay with her in Bible Class. She was acting super strange and I realized, too late, that she must have been trying to tell me she had to go potty. TONS of Tee Tee ALL OVER ME. Not a good look. 

Every summer I like to do a Movie Theme Day with the kids. We’ve done Brave and Nemo and this year I was excited to surprise the kids by buying The Good Dinosaur! I started the morning off with one of their favorite breakfasts: Dinosaur Oatmeal πŸ˜‰

Then we made one of my favorite recipes (for sugar cookies!) and put a dino spin on them πŸ™‚ Hello EASY! I just put out the cookie dough and let the kids go crazy with different dinosaur toys putting “footprints” on all of the cookies. Kye (at 7) and Tess (at 2) both thought it was super fun. Which is not always an easy thing to pull off with kids at such different ages and abilities!

While the cookies were in the oven we cleaned off the dinosaurs we had used for our baking πŸ™‚ I did this same activity a few years ago as a “snow” activity and it proved to be just as much of a hit with dinosaurs πŸ™‚  Again, all three kids enjoyed it. Although I was surprised that Britt was “over it” first. Kye was much more into it than I had expected!

The kids decorated our “movie screen” with the theme!

I love Kye’s dinosaur artwork πŸ™‚

Finished cookies!

We took a movie break for a bit to do another fun craft…dinosaur magnets. I bought a kit from Hobby Lobby similar to this one but it came with magnets to attach on the back and was a little more work because I had to bake the molds (hence why we went ahead and watched some of the movie before painting).  The kids all did awesome painting them and then we covered them with glow in the dark paint which surprisingly works! Kye’s are in his room on his locker and they glow every night!

Dino themed lunch πŸ™‚

This was the one night Tess went to VBS. Zach took all of the kids so I could do our monthly grocery shopping . I guess the class for Tess didn’t start on time or something and Zach had to go to help in the class he was part of and Tess had a ROUGH time. So much so that when I took the kids another night several people commented to me about it. Guess she’s not old enough to handle it yet!

Our VBS is always AWESOME!

I think Zach had more fun than the kids haha It made me SO proud to be his wife and really just made me appreciate him on a new level as a father too when several people posted photos and videos of him on Facebook. He really is just super great with kids and LOVES working with them! There are three videos (all of which I need to watch whenever I’m annoyed with him b/c they make me love him more bahaha): one, two and three!

On our beach trip we gathered a TON of shells and Kye has been all about wanting to do some crafts with them. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some cool letters made from thicker cardboard. I got one for each of the kids and they used tacky glue to attach their shells. The end result was super cute! 

Of course we did some SWIMMING! Especially b/c Mommy bought new goggles (Britt’s crack me up bc she wants to wear them so loose)

That cute tummy

is almost as cute as that cute tush!

While the late nights with VBS can be rough…the naps are AWESOME πŸ™‚

Last VBS night!

Since Tess couldn’t handle VBS we met up with Keeli so she could have her first “date” with her future husband, Eli. I swear he is THE cutest kid and I’m totally crossing fingers they end up together someday. Hey, it could happen! 

We went to a Mexican restaurant in town that I’d never been to but that Keeli’s family LOVES. I’m so glad we got to eat there because a few weeks later Zach and I passed by it and it was completely burned from a fire πŸ™ So sad for the family who owns it and hoping they are able to rebuild/reopen (especially for Keeli’s sake ha!).  

It was DOWNPOUR rain but it was worth it for our Mexican fix!

First ring pop on her first date πŸ˜‰

Not only was VBS this week but Kye was also supposed to have his second summer camp this week. When we decided to let the kids each pick two camps I thought for sure that Kye would choose golf and football as they are both camps he’s enjoyed in the past. Instead he surprised us by wanting to do golf and tennis. Tennis? He’s never seen anyone play tennis nor do we own any tennis equipment. He was pretty hardcore about this choice so I hunted tennis camp options and found one at the same place we did the golf camp. I was VERY disappointed when they called me the night before the first day to let me know they were canceling the camp. I guess Kye was the only kid who had signed up! Which I mean THEY KNEW THAT well before the night prior, ya know? Kye had been disappointed by the golf camp and then was SO upset that he didn’t get to do tennis camp at all. I felt so bad for him and was very appreciative of the tennis camp instructor for offering Kye the ability to attend a 30 min lesson just to see if he liked it. The girls and I played on the playground while he had his lesson!

30 minutes of playing a brand new sport for the very first time that you know nothing about isn’t very long but it still allowed Kye to see if it was something he wants to learn more about! He really enjoyed it and I was fortunate enough to find him a racquet at a kids sale a couple weeks later! 

After the tennis we hit up the library to restock!

I was VERY busy these few weeks preparing for home study, preparing for Tess’s party and preparing for the upcoming kids sale! Thankful for the guest closet to hold all the outfits I was selling!

On Thursday we needed to get out of the house and have some FUN! Casey met us at Wild Adventures for the Splash Island. It doesn’t open until 11 (don’t even get me started…SO DUMB) so the kids and I walked around a bit and were among the first people let in the park. We packed lunches and headed home at nap time. It was just a couple of hours but it was fun!

I got a new hat when Britt and I went shopping πŸ™‚ My rule of thumb when it comes to hats is if it fits my massive head then it means I’m meant to own it haha

Straight CASHED!

When all my foot stuff happened I gave up on the idea of going on walks and let Casey have my jogging stroller. I told her if my foot ever got better that I’d get it back but I honestly assumed that just wouldn’t happen. SO thankful for the healing I’ve experienced thus far and the ability to take my babies on walks and to be able to use it again!!!

My week started with pee all over myself and ended up poop all over the pack and play. Lovely. 

Zach and I had set aside the entire weekend to get the house party/home study ready but we found out that Zach’s family’s church was having their VBS that Friday and Saturday. They needed Zach to help with the songs (Zach is in high demand due to his phenomenal VBS skills haha) so the big kids got to go too! It was a pet theme so I found cat shirts for Kye and Britt to wear πŸ™‚ They had a blast!

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