Summer 2016 Recap: Week 6

After the LONG post for the last recap it’s nice that this is a “shorter week.” We left for vaca with Zach’s family on Thursday so this post just covers June 18th – June 23rd. We kicked off the week with celebrating our favorite Daddy on Father’s Day which you can read about here πŸ™‚ 

Monday kicked off Britt’s 2nd camp of the summer: Princess Dance Camp. Out of the three camps our kids participated in, this was the best of the bunch. It was SO WELL done. I was extremely impressed! It was from 9-11 Mon – Thur. Each day they had a different princess and all the activities related to the princess theme. They learned special dances and had SO MUCH FUN. It was Britt’s first dancing experience and she really enjoyed it. 

I got to go watch her for a little bit on the first day and y’all. I never understood why all these mothers put their little itty bitty daughters into dance lessons. Now I do. It’s SO STINKING PRECIOUS. I cried. No joke. I was kinda hoping she’d love it more than gymnastics and want to become a dancer but, nope, she prefers gymnastics. Which isn’t a shocker b/c girl has SO much energy! 

The girls could wear their princess dresses each day! I was a little embarrassed the first day b/c when I dropped Britt off she was the ONLY kid without ballet shoes (we don’t own any) and the only one in a princess dress. But she was happy and that’s what matters! She’s also a trendsetter b/c the next day several girls wore their princess costumes πŸ˜‰ The dance studio also emailed out pics from each day for the parents to enjoy. I cracked up at Britt and especially how her mouth is ALWAYS open!!!

A princess visited each day and danced with them, read a story to them, and took photos

Here’s the video from day 1 (which made me cry haha)

2nd video from day 1

3rd video

4th video 

That week Zach had basketball on Monday rather than Tuesday so we went with Casey to the YMCA pool!

The big kids had a BLAST

I snapped a photo of this slide on the way out so I could remember that Tess was CRAZY about it. She kept climbing up the stairs and going down the slide ALL BY HERSELF. She’s my daredevil for sure and it was super nerve-wracking to keep an eye on the big kids AND make sure I was there to catch her every time she went down. The stairs to the slide were also slippery which made me nervous. Whew it was a tad stressful for this mama!

Each day is a blessing, but especially the ones that start off with their laughter, love and joy!

Day 2 of dance camp, Britt wanted to wear her Belle dress πŸ™‚

Such cute little crafts too! She loved her princess crown!

That night I was in need of some GIRL TIME! We had such a great time getting some Mexican and then seeing a movie (Me Before You…I can’t say I recommend it, neither book or movie). So thankful for such an awesome group of friends!

Day 3…a new Rapunzel dress is coming her way for Christmas but girl insisted on it πŸ˜‰ 

 Love her little wave to Belle πŸ™‚

While Britt was in dance camp, Tess and I had a cluster of a time at Target. I was hoping to be QUICK so I could get home and get packed for the trip but instead I was an idiot and thought my toddler could handle walking around the store with me. #MomFail It took us forever and she had to get put back into the cart several times due to disobeying me. Whew. I was wore out! 

We got it done though! And then we got halfway home and I realized I didn’t find a beach hat which I REALLY needed so we went BACK to get one. 

I’ve been working on some health/weight loss/fitness goals and it’s SO fun to see results from the hard work I’ve put in! This shirt is a size SMALL and the shorts? They are a 2!  The only time I’ve ever owned a 2 or worn a small was when we got married! Not where I wanna be yet but it’s so motivating to see the results πŸ™‚

Last day! Britt wanted to wear this super cute skirt we got from a yard sale! It was my personal favorite outfit of the week b/c she looked like a TRUE dancer πŸ˜‰

Zach took this video of her last dance of the camp! 

Yes Kye DID exist this week haha! It was a bit crazy of a week with trying to pack for the trip and having Britt’s camp so I didn’t take as many pics as normal πŸ˜‰ He had fun being free of one sister and built an epic fort haha


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