Summer 20116 Recap: Week 4

Our 4th week of summer kicked off on June 4th and went through June 10th! It was a BUSY week and super fun πŸ™‚

Pretty much every single weekend of our summer had plans: except for this one. We were PUMPED that there was actually a build event that weekend. We have always enjoyed the Lowe’s ones (Zach used to take Kye ALL THE TIME when he was little) but they changed the dates and times to Thursdays at 7. Which just is kinda crazy?!?! This weekend Home Depot had an event and it worked out where it was Carter’s actual birthday and Casey wanted something fun to do with him so we all went together πŸ™‚

Y’all. There was a little girl at the work shop wearing her apron and it was COVERED in the little pins and everyone there knew her and I literally got tears in my eyes. I feel like Kye should still be little and wearing his apron covered in his little patches and should need his Daddy to help him on each part of the little project. Instead he’s reading the instructions himself and doing it all on his own!!!

Whew. Big Kid Status.

While it is sad that Kye is Mr. Independent…it’s kinda a good thing he is b/c we had our hands full enough with the girls haha!

Carter was all about it πŸ™‚

These two are just tooooooo adorable

“Everyone hold up your completed project!”

I used to be the mom who would see other kids doing this and say “whew that’s probably not safe” and now I’m the mom taking a pic of my kids doing it πŸ˜‰ 

We had to get a few things for our house for the home study (locks for our privacy fence) and the kids rocked their aprons!

I have carried Tess ALL THE TIME since she was a baby. Even with her walking, carrying her is just EASIER. I’m so used to it I never ever even think about having her walk? The past few months I’m legit having to train MYSELF to put her down and let her walk places. We went into a gun store to get a cover for my gun and walked over to a restaurant for lunch and she was SO happy to get to walk…poor kid is so deprived of a simple privilege πŸ˜‰

Since getting pregnant with Tess I’ve pretty much become obsessed with Mexican food and was pumped when I won free lunch at a local Mexican restaurant from my favorite Lunch Date Diva on our local radio station, Hot 102.7! 

I’m never ashamed to ask a hostess for a pic πŸ˜‰

The building project required painting and my clever husband knew paint and three kids wasn’t a good combo so we waited until we got home and busted out the spray paint for the job!

They all ended up looking super good! They are little trophies to hold cell phones πŸ™‚ We gave one to Big Papa for Father’s Day since Zach doesn’t have three cell phones haha

That afternoon we FINALLY got to go see Katie’s new-to-her house. She’s lived there for awhile now and it was so great to see all the awesome improvements she’s made and to get to chill and visit with her. The kids LOVED her cats and watching her Netflix πŸ˜‰

Sundays mean church days and sweet times together!

Sundays also mean EGGS. Every single Sunday we make eggs and toast for lunch. Random? Yes. But it’s EASY b/c Sundays are CRAZZZZY and we need to keep it simple! Someday I’ll be that Mom with an awesome big lunch for everyone, but that day is not anytime soon!

On this Sunday we had Titus over to hang out with Kye and he stayed the night. Britt was cracking up at him! It was so cute!

Nap time meant dude time watching some Star Wars

And they got to play Mario Karts with Zach after the girls went to bed for the night!

Zach was so sweet to make them all some pancakes before Titus went home the next morning!

Rainy day meant no walk for us

The girls LOVE stickers! Tess thinks they are magnets though and always puts them on the fridge. 

Movie morning!

We did a cute candy craft for Father’s Day and Kye was cracking me up helping come up with sayings…I finally gave him all the Air Heads and told him he could do whatever he wanted with them for Daddy. He made a little frame and said “You are not a air head” on it haha

Trying on clothes for family pics later in the summer…clearly Britt loves being a model

Our library does a toddler story time and typically we go once a summer. It was Crazy this time! Tess and Carter were kinda all over the place b/c the books the girl read were deeeeeef not appropriate for the toddler age group. It was hard for them to keep their attention that long, but Kye enjoyed it!

Kye wore OUT our library card over the summer! Child is a straight up book worm!

Tell me this isn’t the sweetest thing to see pop up on your feed? Day. Made. 

On Tuesdays in the summers Zach and Jordan run a basketball league. With all of Zach’s back issues he can’t play in the league but still went out to help run it. That left Casey and I solo mommin’ in Tuesday nights! Hello CFA kids night fun πŸ™‚ Courtney and her crew and Mrs. Charlotte all came with us for an awesome cousin hang out!

THEN we even drove out to the Peach Shed for ice cream after…how cool are we?!?!

These two are just so precious to me. I love that they have their own bond and will break away from everyone to be able to just sit and talk together. I can’t wait to watch them grow up as best buds!

The next morning I rode with Casey, Jordan and Carter out to Mr. Rusty’s farm to take some pics for Carter’s 2nd bday! The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we had a good time! Here’s a few of my favs from the bunch:

We had some friends over to swim and eat lunch! The kids all had buddies to play with which made it so fun πŸ™‚

Cute little Emma!

Maggie Grace is Britt’s favorite friend from church and we live literally on the same street! So glad we FINALLY hung out and hope to do it more often!

You know it’s summer when your kid is chilling in a pool eating a peanut butter sandwich #coolmom

Tess loves to just LAY in the water and roll over and over in it. Is she part dog?

We’ve had Mediacom issues since OCTOBER. I’m talking the kind of hardcore issues where I have several technicians cell phone numbers and call them regularly. It’s been a JOKE and legit made me cry all. the. time. A guy came on this day and stayed for several hours and told me the TWO very expensive routers I’ve bought since Jan are both fried and that I needed a third router. Ugh. He also said he had me “up and running” and “good to go” and then left and my internet immediately stopped working. He recommended that I buy a THIRD router. I did and ended up returning it b/c Zach and I threw up our hands with the whole mess. We ended up signing up for some plan where Mediacom handles our wifi and uses their products to do it. Of course it’s more money each month but it seems to (so far) be working so it’s worth it not to have the headache!

Every time Tess gives Britt a big hug Britt yells “MOM TAKE A PICTURE!”

I love MANY things about my husband. It’s crazy to me b/c I loved him SO MUCH before I married him but many of the things I adore about him now are things I didn’t even know about him then. Like how awesome of a father he is, how handy he is around the house, and how he can randomly COOK. Dude is talented! Even in the kitchen! We were both bummed to miss out on Italian food since we didn’t get to go to Italy and Zach decided to bring a taste of Italy home and made his own sausage gnocchi! 

Tess is def a big kid now enough to be included in a lot of our “big kid club” experiences, but Zach wanted to be with us when she experienced her first movie theater experience. So we took her to spend some time with Mema so the big kids and I could go to the cheap summer movie day! It ended up being the only one we were able to go to. We saw Home and it was pretty dumb. I know I’m a Disney snob but NONE of us laughed once in the whole movie! The kids did still say they liked it though!

On Friday Lindsay came with her crew to swim and it was so fun! Her daughters have AWESOME personalities (and are so cute!). Britt and Hannah instantly clicked which makes me excited b/c as a mama I just want my kids to have good christian friends! We def need to get together more often πŸ™‚ 

Having a photographer friend has advantages…and she earns even more points for making swimsuit pics black and white haha!

Why play in the big pool when there is a baby pool??

So blessed to call her my FRIEND!

Kye has been reading up a STORM and read about a character in his books playing marbles. I haven’t ever in my life played marbles. But he learned how and taught me πŸ™‚ 

It was a great week! We kept things a lot more simple this summer and still had a blast πŸ™‚


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