Summer 2016 Recap: Week 3

The third week of summer kicked off on our anniversary (May 28th) and went through June 3rd! 

That Sunday was a tough day for our family. Zach grew up attending a church of Christ in Lakeland, Georgia and it’s where I first attended as a Christian (and where his entire family still attends). Early in my faith I felt the need to leave that church and find a home congregation where I was “Emily” not just “Zach’s girlfriend/wife.” I needed it for my spiritual growth and Zach was a great spiritual leader for recognizing that need and supporting it.

We visited SEVERAL local congregations and Zach had quite a few hesitations about joining Central. We actually were about to place membership at another congregation when we went on one last visit to Central and had the opportunity to hear Bryan speak. He was a BRAND new preacher way back in 2007. We immediately liked him and felt connected to him and he played a large roll in how we ended up placing membership at Central. 

We truly love our church home and church family. Sometimes family lets you down and disappoints you and the decision to part ways with Bryan as our preacher has been one that has really been disappointing for us. It’s hard for us to understand and was even harder for us to accept. We both kinda just putting it out of our minds until that last Sunday when Bryan (along with his wife, Shauna, and son, Dylan) left to move to Texas. Whew. Zach and I both cried and it’s been a really difficult thing for us to work through. So often people leave their church homes when decisions are made that they may not fully agree with. Instead we hope to be more involved in our church than we already are and help to shape the future of our church home! We are SO thankful for the past nine years with Bryan as our preacher. He not only is a man of God, but he keeps things real which we LOVE about him. Zach and Dylan have also always been close and we can’t wait to see the big things in store for him in college and beyond!

Auntie Katie came over to celebrate her bday and we made homemade s’mores ice cream (AMAZING)!

Morning walks with legs propped up – living the easy life πŸ˜‰

Britt and I had our special solo night!

Robyn and Casey brought their crew over to swim and eat lunch

Kye and I had our special solo night

And I got brave and took all three kids to Hobby Lobby to pick out stuff for Tess’s bday party (yes, at the end of July haha) and to let them pick out more paper for their Disney books (each of the big kids had a Disney book with pics of all the characters they’ve met along with signatures). It was a TAD crazy haha

Our favorite thing about summer is the POOL! I try to feed the kids lunch earlier so we have pool time before naps. It usually works out great and allows them to get nice and sleepy for nap time πŸ˜‰

Tess was teething this week and LIVED in my lap. NON-STOP. I’m not a huge selfie person but omg I love to take them with Tess b/c her little faces and smiles make me laugh πŸ™‚

Friday evening Seth and his crew came over with a special guest! I really overall love blogging behind real life (It’s def safer for our family and I do like that perspective I have on things with some time apart from the actual events) but sometimes it STINKS. This is one of those times b/c Seth and Jules are no longer together but that night was awesome getting to meet her and I did have super high hopes for them as they have a lot in common AND met from the Kelly’s Korner Singles Day thing which was just super awesome! She has an AMAZING story and has recently started up a blog to share it with the world so be sure to follow along πŸ™‚ We had a great time that night and Zach and I were very honored to get to meet Jules and thankful to have her as a new friend!

Kye took this group pic for us…

well technically he took this pic and I cropped it haha

We love the Megows!

And I love this man πŸ™‚


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