Summer Recap: Week 2 2016

This week of summer covers Mon May 23rd – May 28th! It was Kye’s first week of summer and we were so pumped! Zach was recovering well from his back surgery and started back to work this week. Life was starting to get back to normal ๐Ÿ™‚

Courtney is a teacher and had to work a few days in the beginning of summer. I was SO thankful she let me have Colt and Payton for the day! It was SO fun for all of the kids, but especially for me. 5 kids is easier than 3 kids when the extra two are their bff cousins. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’d been strugglingggggg with sibling bickering and when Brad dropped the kids off Kye answered the door and said “welcome to the drama house” bahaha! Having Colt and Payton there really helped prevent all the bickering and made for a really fun day ๐Ÿ™‚

Kicked things off with a nice long walk and some playground time!

It was precious watching them pair up and listening to their conversations

Post-walk popsicle is a must

During naps the big kids watched a movie and then had a little more playtime before Tess woke up!

That night we had another walk after dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Katie’s birthday was this week! We didn’t get to celebrate until later on in the month but I made sure to give her some social media love. I always have so much fun looking through all our pics together, we have had so many epic awesome times! 

I took the kids to ONE store to pick out presents for Auntie Katie and, whew, it wore me out. I can handle like a Target run with the cart and a mission of what we need, but casual browsing type shopping just isn’t possible with three kids in tow. It was super sweet how Kye and Britt both wanted to be involved in picking out her present though!

We went from back surgery to plumbing nightmare. Anytime I’d do laundry the sinks in our kitchen and laundry room would fill up. It was a cycle of calling the plumber, them unclogging it all and saying it was fixed, then a week goes by and it’s laundry day again and it happens all over again. Nightmare. We had issues with the plumbing service (one time a guy came from there and had us write him a personal check then when he left the problem wasn’t even resolved!) and they kept re-charging us when the issue wasn’t even stopping. They’d tell me it was my fault which made no sense. Dude, I’m not putting grease down my sink. We quit using any flushable wipes a year ago when we had other plumbing issues. They finally got a camera and ran it down our pipes and told us we had a chunk of concrete in them and that they’d need to rip up all the tile in our pantry and fix it and that it’d cost around $3000 and wouldn’t be covered by insurance. Awesome. 

We decided to get a second opinion before we ripped into our floors and poured more money, literally, down the drain. The second guy came and also ran a camera and said he couldn’t see what it was but he worked hard and thinks he broke it up and that it should hopefully be fixed. We’ve had plumbing issues really since soon after we moved in. Issues with our toilet. Issues with the upstairs toilet. Now this. I DO think something may be seriously going on and that when the built our house they messed up somewhere. It’d zero percent surprise me. But I’ll happily not spend more money and wait it out awhile and see what happens next. 

Jordan and Zach do a basketball league every summer. With Zach’s back surgery, he obviously can’t play in it. It’s been really hard for him to have to sit on the sidelines but he committed to Jordan to help run the league so he’s fulfilled that commitment. His ongoing leg/nerve/foot issues may be a long term thing and basketball may be something he isn’t able to do for quite awhile so I feel really bad for him! 

Tuesday’s are basketball nights and it works out good that they are also CFA kid’s nights ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mommy win! We met up with Adrienne and her crew for dinner and had a great time! Britt’s BFF is her daughter, Vivi, and they are so cute together ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sad they won’t be in the same class this year!

Robyn and I always struggle with hanging out during the summers! For some reason every year we SWEAR it’s gonna happen a bunch and then it typically just doesn’t. This summer Tess is more flexible (no more morning naps) so it’s easier for me to go and do and have people over and play! She came over with her kids to hang out in the playroom and back yard for a bit!

Another morning at the playground! Tess cracks me up bc she LOVES boys. I know it’s because she adores Kye so much but she will find a boy, typically a little older than herself, and will just follow him around everywhere. I happened to meet a fellow mommy at the park that day and as we got to talking she told me that she is adopted. Of course I told her our decision to adopt and picked her brain about what’s it been like for her to be adopted. 

Kye went around the track and labeled every section!

There is nothing more refreshing than a popsicle on a hot summer day after walking a ton!

Zach was slowly getting back into the swing of things this week. He was SUPER cautious but did work a few days and did start getting back to himself. I learned a lot about myself when he was out of commission with his back. I do noooooooot do well with seeing him in pain or suffering like that. I LOVE that he’s this big strong manly man and seeing him in moments of weakness was a struggle. I was SO happy to see my Zach coming back! He still had several weeks to go before he could lift things but we decided to have a family fun day at Wild Adventures anyway. I handled the lifting and it was a fun time for us all!

Notice a theme? We always hit up this ride first! Zach took Kye to bigger kid stuff while I hung with the girls!

We met back up and headed to check out the dinosaurs. Omg yall it’s hilarious. Wild Adventures has this HUGE ad campaign all revolved around their new dinosaur section of the park. What. A. Joke. It’s like a tiny are of mulch that you walk around and see big fake dinosaurs that are already all tore up. It was a super strange decision to add this area? I’m sure the dinosaurs weren’t cheap but they come across looking like it!!!

The only cool thing about the dinosaur exhibit is the sand pit at the end where you can dig for fossils! 

The park at Wild Adventures opens at 10 but the water park area doesn’t open until 11 (you’ll probably hear me complain about this more in the future…so. dumb.) so we headed from the dinos to the water park! It was great having both of us there because we could trade off chasing Tess and watching the big kids!

Waiting for the huge bucket of water to pour on his head!

The lifeguard walked right in front of my view when it actually hit him but you can see the water heading his way in the corner!

We didn’t have passes last year because it just didn’t make sense with Tess’s nap schedule, but the year prior Britt had NO interest in the big kid area or the big kid slides, this year she’s all about it and was going down all the same slides Kye was!

It is always so fun to watch Britt in social settings. Little girls just FLOCK to her. It’s so important to me to help raise her to be a leader for the Lord because I SEE that she has that affect on her peers. They are drawn to her and she is always the one dictating what they play. I want to make sure she uses that ability for God’s glory as I know there is a FINE LINE with the world of mean girls!!! 

Lunch time!

Tell me this isn’t the sweetest sight ever?!?! Kye and Tess touching toes on the ride home!

I made Zach some chicken buffalo dip and we finally got back into the routine of hanging out when the kids were in bed! It made me SO HAPPY to see him up and about and SMILING!!! 


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