Summer Recap 2017: Week 13

The last summer recap!!! I will go back to doing monthly recaps during the school year since, sadly, school means less family fun #lame πŸ˜‰

We had a more lazy weekend leading up to back to school. I told the kids to play with all their toys that they could since during school it’s less often that they can pull out lots of things to play with!

We wanted to finish off everything on our summer bucket list at the only older kid that didn’t get a solo date this summer was Britt with Daddy. We had planned to do it on the beach trip but didn’t get around to it (she had some poor attitude issues). So they went to their favorite place for breakfast (Waffle House!). She’s gonna be our coffee girl for sure (this was Daddy’s cup). 

We have talked about it being time to do solo dates with Tess too. We plan to do another date for each of us with each child before Tab is born πŸ™‚ 

We played games while Daddy and Britt were gone! 

Keeli’s family moved in near us and Zach helped them with the move so the kids and I helped keep their kids entertained πŸ˜‰ We love having them so close!!! 


Frostys with friends!

Saturday night was KIDS SALE NIGHT! I wasn’t able to participate in one of the sales this season because the pre sale shopping night fell on Tess’s real birthday. So I was extra pumped for this second sale! It’s always SO FUN finding the deals and spending time with friends. 

I am LOVING this kimono…you can get one here (I’m wearing a small)

Dress is also from Amazon (it was part of my Halloween costume last year) here’s a link, I’m wearing the small/medium!

I couldn’t find my exact necklace but here is one similar!

And my crocs are my sexi flips πŸ˜‰ 

Shopping the sale and saw THIS! I have posted about this monkey before. I swear HE HAUNTS ME. I had this reoccurring nightmare as a kid that a black version of this monkey came alive in a toy store. I was trapped alone and he chased me all over the store. Maybe my brother had the black version of this when we were kids? I know I didn’t have it and I don’t know why it’s THIS specific one so someone must have owned it! But I saw the exact one from my nightmares at our local library last year and now this white one at the kids sale. FREAKY. I should have bought it to face my fears head on haha!

Small crew for dinner but SO FUN to catch up!

It was straight FREEZING at dinner so I sent Robyn this text of me blasting my heat in my car and using my seat warmers haha

Kye has just finished the entire Chronicles of Narnia and I wanted to read at least The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe so we could watch the movie together. I’m sure I’ve read it before, but I didn’t know about all the Christian elements tied into it. I LOVED IT!!! 

Our church has an upstairs classroom area called “Faith Avenue” and once kids reach 3 years old they join in the fun (up until 6th grade when they join the youth group). Tess was SO THRILLED to get to go upstairs with Kye and Britt. First time since 2008 that we don’t have any babies in the cradle roll classes!

Y’all. I plan to do an entire post on MOLLUSCUM because I feel like a dang expert at this point. Tess’s is currently the worst of the three. Her’s cleared up really well at the beach but came back strong once we were home. Zymaderm is really where it’s at but some of those spots can be STUBBORN. 

On Sunday we celebrated Zach’s birthday with his family and then got ready for the first day of school!

It was the night before kindergarten πŸ˜‰ 

And by third grade we’re applying temporary tattoos hahaha

We talked about our summer and agreed it was pretty EPIC and that we got all of our bucket list items completed! Whoop whoop!

Yes. I put the kids to bed at 6:05 haha They skipped naps that day to swim and play with cousins so the early bed time was needed, and worked out nicely!

Of course Kye came downstairs announcing that he’d lost a tooth bahaha. It was BARELY lose and he YANKED it out!

After Tess and I dropped off the older kids on the first day we hit up Publix πŸ˜‰ 

to get groceries…and do splits πŸ˜‰ 

I’ve been wanting one of these Dinner Winner plates for YEARS and got a super good deal on them from Amazon on Prime Day (here’s the link!). I figured the first day of the older kids being back in school was a good time to put it to use with Tess and to see how she’d do with it!

It’s a SUPER cute plate and a super smart idea and concept but whhhhy are the little compartments SO SMALL and why so many of them? I’d rather have less “areas” and have them larger! The treat spot was also really small. I wanted to give her 1 cookie and it couldn’t fit!

She was very eager to try out the plate and kept saying “it’s so cute!” 

BUT. When it came down to it. The plate didn’t solve the problem we’ve been having. She ate all the food she likes…it’s the ONE CARROT on her plate that she refused to eat. And she didn’t care about not having the treat. She didn’t want to eat that dang carrot. She’s my kid who doesn’t go for bribing. She will look at you and say it’s fine not to have the treat. Or to miss out on treats at church or school. She doesn’t care. And this plate? It was cute and fun but it didn’t solve that problem! 

I think it’s her age. I’d recommend the plate for more of a toddler than a preschooler! 

YAY for laying out during naps!!!

Kye’s note to the tooth fairy asking to leave his tooth!

2nd day of school. 

Hello pink eye. UGH. 

Kye asked if he could dress himself for the second day. Yes he picked out every piece of his outfit. He doesn’t lack in confidence haha

Wearing my shirt to support our sweet Jessica at church and to help fund her lifeskill class at our local high school!

Pants: Old Navy Rockstar

Shoes: Toms!

Since Britt clearly couldn’t go to school we went to the walkin clinic. Pink eye is one thing I don’t mess with because I know it needs meds. I had meds on hand but wanted to make sure the absence would be excused so I needed a dr note (don’t even get me started on that junk). 

She’s up to 42 lbs!

Sweet girl was SO UPSET to miss school and kept begging me to take her! (This Story I did after her dr visit cracks me up)

While waiting (and waiting) at the pharmacy I happened to see THIS. So a site took my photo, without permission, and used it on their site to promote their article (which also used my photo without permission) that is about getting it on while breastfeeding. Awesome. I contacted them and demanded it be removed…doubtful they will though. #eyeroll

I hadn’t had the best day but my sweet girls made it better by playing with my hair!

I also attempted to perk up by taking a nice bath…but it NEVER WORKS for me!!!

SO thankful Britt woke up the next morning looking WAY BETTER and was totally able to go to school! We did drops for several days and she’d wake up with some goop but overall it healed up quickly AND no one else got it πŸ˜‰ 

Tell me this isn’t so sweet? Aunt Karen shared it with Zach on his birthday!

I don’t really see any of our kids in this pic of Zach? Maybe Britt?

I knew about football and that Kye wanted to play in MAY but I kept putting it off. And putting it off. I kept hoping that maybe he’d change his mind. But nope, he’s playing. Ahhhh I legit can’t believe it’s really happening…

I love to include lunch notes for my kids lunches! I hunt them down on pinterest (all free printables) and then print a TON out and work on cutting them out. That way I have a stack ready to go each morning! It was tricky to find some for Britt since she’s such an early reader! 

My shoes: Old Navy

My Pants: Old Navy

This sauce y’all turned out AMAZING. We all LOVED IT and I plan to make a big batch to freeze and have on hand. I even used turkey meatballs and no one noticed!

First day of PE! 

Shoes: Carters 

Any tips for cleaning this spot in my van? Zach put my seats down and bought wood and it left this horrible discoloration!

Playing “makeup” and hair with Tessie!

First of my kids to ASK for me to play with her hair, yup she’s my kid πŸ˜‰ 

I’ve been a tad nervous about Britt on the bus. I know she has Kye but even Kye being on the bus makes me nervous too! I decided to give them something positive to focus on during their time on the bus and told them if they come home from school able to recite a memory verse then they get a snack! It’s been GREAT! I call is Bus Bible Time πŸ˜‰ 

First agenda book! If he’s anything like me, he’s gonna be obsessed with it!

First binder too! The teacher sent a note home saying they can decorate the binders however they want. I suggested Star Wars stuff and Kye instead asked for a photo of him by himself and then wrote all these words around it. We had a talk about what “humble” means πŸ˜‰ 

Trying to learn the instapot! Everything I’ve made so far has been a HUGE HIT!

This is also a HUGE win in our house! So easy and HEALTHY! 


We were going to do “spaceball buns” but then decided we loved the pig tails!

Shoes: Nike 

This boy LOVES cereal!

I am not big on sitting and actively playing with my children but I wanted to give Tess that quality time with me so I sat and played Little People with her. She LOVED it but then she also got very upset when it was time for me to start doing other things.

When your friend lives like 5 houses down from you but it’s 90 degrees out ha!

For Tess’s last day of summer I wanted to do something fun with her. The night prior she had gotten out of the bathtub and gotten fully dressed. I asked where she was going and she said “McDonalds.” Then she cried and cried when we said she couldn’t’ go. And she prayed for McDonalds. It was so cute that DUH I had to take her to McDonald’s for lunch! 

We had a super interesting experience. We sat at a tall table and a random older lady sat with us and talked to us a long time. She told me I need to take Zach to Mexico to get a tapeworm and it’ll cure his MS? So random. Then an older couple as we were leaving started talking to me and told me to be sure to download the McDonald’s app. I thought it was funny that an older generation was making sure I had an app haha but I actually didn’t have it and OMG YALL. If you haven’t downloaded it then YOU NEED TO. It’s such a HUGE money saver! I’m all about some MCD now!

Tessie had the best time and was just so excited about her Happy Meal and fries πŸ™‚ 

Sometimes we get “stuck.” Things frustrate us but we just keep staying in a frustrated state rather than changing it up. I’ve been this way with the kids’ SHOES. The girls have their shoes in a drawer and omg it’s a nightmare digging through to find things!!! I finally wised up this month and got a closet hanger for their shoes and it got me to go through them and get rid of pairs that are too small, too worn out, or that they just won’t wear!

I just bought super cheap shoe organizers and they work GREAT! 

These are the ones I got πŸ™‚ 

For book club this month we read Everything I Never Told You. I really, really liked it. It was so interesting and eye opening. A great read for sure! 

If you’re like me and like to read actual BOOKS and not kindle/reader versions then here’s a tip: I always buy mine used from Amazon. Under the new one you will see a price for used. I buy the cheapest one and they almost ALWAYS a) arrive super fast and b) are in excellent condition! 

Ending the week with lots of laughter and giggles with Daddy wrestling and tickles πŸ˜‰ 

So that’s it! We had a BLAST this summer!!! I know a LOT of people talk about how Instagram is killing blogging. But y’all? I don’t agree. I have to say that I have LOVED doing IG Stories and have loved how connected it’s allowed me to be to so many readers who I may haven’t ever “met” without them! If you don’t already follow me on IG be sure to do so here! 


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