Summer Recap 2017: Week 1

Ahhhh summer is HERE!!! I love, love doing my weekly summer recaps during the summer. I know a lot of bloggers do a “weekend recap” each weekend of the year, but I find during the school year it makes the most sense to stick to monthly recaps but switch to weekly for summertime since we are always SO busy having FUN!!! For the summer weekly posts I start them on a Saturday and end that next Friday πŸ™‚

Summer kicked off for us the weekend of Mother’s Day. We had a wonderful time as a family the entire weekend which you can read about here πŸ™‚ 

Zach had to head to Atlanta the night of Mother’s Day for his infusion the next morning so the kids and I had a chill evening and came up with our Summer Bucket List!!!

It’s also SUPER important to me to have a rough schedule for the days we are home during the summer. I’m very, very hardcore about balancing fun and structure during summertime (you can read more about that in this post!) Obviously this is SUPER rough (like it’s not going to take us an hour to eat meals haha) but it gives me a basic idea of what to aim for each day. 

I love the gifts my babies (and hubby!) got me for Mother’s Day. If you are local, they shopped at Simply Silver!

The first week of summer Kye still had school. The girls finished up a full week before he did. Since Zach was gone most of the week (he worked out of town after his infusion) that meant we still had to get up early and take Kye to school even though it was summer πŸ˜‰ The upside of that meant when we woke up Monday morning and saw that our pool was turning green that we’d already be out and about early enough to run to Walmart and get shock for it so it’d be good to go for our TWO pool playdates that day!

Waiting on friends to come swim!

Britt has attended her preschool for 3 years now and has so many sweet friends. We wanted to have a couple of them over to celebrate the end of their preschool time together. Vivi is moving to Tennessee and Addie will be going to a different school than Britt in the fall! We had a great time together swimming and playing πŸ™‚ 

Tess does her best to keep up with the big kids πŸ˜‰ 

During naps I got an email letting us know the birth mom we’d presented to had chosen a family, but just not ours. I will def talk a lot more about this in an upcoming adoption post but I’m thankful I got the news on SUCH a busy day! I had too much to do to even stop and really get upset or anything about it. 

After naps Keeli came over with pizza and her sweet babies for another pool playdate! 

The easy life πŸ˜‰

My kids think Eli is their cousin haha!

Tess did SO awesome with Millie. We kept catching her loving on Millie and it made my heart happy to see. I’m so eager for our own baby to love on!

First day of summer was pretty awesome!

We took Kye to school again the next morning then headed over to CFA for a breakfast playdate with EllaKate! I was blown away by EK’s imagination and she was such a sweet, instant, friend with the girls. I see many more playdates in our future for sure!

Kye got home from school and had some “Mommy time” which really means “Murder Mommy at Checkers time”

I needed some chill time at home so on Day 3 we pulled out the crafts πŸ˜‰

Have y’all had this yogurt? It’s Britt’s FAVORITE. Chocolate and Mocha? She’s obsessed!

Chill mode outfit!

While Britt had gymnastics the other two and I ran into Simply Silver to exchange one thing I got for Mother’s Day (Daddy got me a “Maui Necklace” that wasn’t really my style). We looked around for awhile and Tess and Kye made several suggestions on alternatives but I ended up just keeping a credit at the store to spend later when I can go solo and really look!

Kye kept suggesting to buy a dog themed key chain b/c they were on clearance. He has my “dealz” way of thinking already haha!

Thursday Britt had her first appointment at the Chiropractor! I wrote this post a couple years ago about the benefits we had with chiropractics for Tess.  When we had Britt evaluated for speech and they mentioned her jaw and some minor issues with it related to her speech, I immediately thought of chiropractics. I was nervous taking Britt to be adjusted because she can be a tad dramatic. Leading up to it I didn’t tell her ANYTHING. Not where we were going or anything at all. I’ve found that Kye does best with being prepared, Britt does best with no prep at all. Once we arrived I simply told her she was going to get a little massage to help with her speech. She did AWESOME with the appointment! No tears and was SO BRAVE!!! 

I went from there to get my hair done! We’ve been working and working to fix some pretty hefty damage I had and it’s REALLY getting there! Angel, my stylist, also taught me how to FINALLY use a dang curling iron! Z was SO PUMPED haha

It was a tad crazy of a day as I then had to run to Kye’s school for his end of the year party. We had a MASSIVE amount of YooHoos so I volunteered to bring them as a contribution item πŸ˜‰ These kids got hooked up with cookies and ice cream sundaes! 


Duh. I didn’t turn one down πŸ˜‰

So proud of Kye for receiving the “Master Reader” award for his class this year!

We’ve been SO BLESSED two years in a row with AMAZING teachers!!! It makes me nervous for next year because I don’t know how we’d possibly continue this streak!

Really so many of the class events aren’t necessary for parental involvement. But I know that all too soon the days of Kye wanting me there may come to an end so I do everything I can to attend everything he wants me to! 

My grandmother ALWAYS had yoo-hoos at her house. It was “her thing” and all of us cousins grew up drinking them on a regular basis. I think of her anytime I see a yoo-hoo and drinking one on the way home just tasted like childhood to me!

If you’ve been a reader for awhile then you probably already know about all my foot issues (you can read about them all here, if that’s interesting to you haha!). I’m still VERY careful about footwear and I ice my foot every single night to help keep down the inflammation. A blog friend reached out to me who also has foot issues and we’ve been trading tips. She suggested these ice socks and hello #lifechanging. They are AWESOME! If you struggle with any foot issues, def grab these!

We’ve been almost married 10 years and, like most couples, all of our appliances and such were wedding gifts. It’s amazing to me how long this stuff can last but we’re def starting to see the need to replace things here and there. My MIL got me a pressure cooker back when we were engaged and it recently started worrying me. I know pressure cookers have some safety risks and I wasn’t about to mess around when it came to that! I hunted for a stainless steel one (you don’t want aluminum) and found a great deal on this one! Super clear instructions, great size, and wonderful quality. I’ve done beans in it a few times now and it’s been great. I know the hot thing in kitchen appliances right now is an instapot and y’all know I want one for SURE but I keep waiting on a deal πŸ˜‰ 

I tried this meal out for the first time and O.M.G it’s AMAZING. So, so simple and we all really, really loved it!

Daddy’s HOME!!!

Last day of 2nd grade!

We ALL have those #momfail moments. Well. When Kye started preschool I bought him a copy of Oh The Places You’ll Go (By Dr Seuss) and had all of his teachers sign it each year as the school year came to a close. Of course I also bought the book for Britt when she started school and began the same tradition with her. The day before Kye’s last day of school I randomly remembered the dang book. And realized I’d completely forgotten to send Britt’s with her for her teacher to sign…and even worse never even ordered a book for Tess at all!!! haha! Typical proof of life with three kids. I ordered Tess a copy and am hoping to take both hers and Britt’s to the school when Tess goes back and have them sign. Oops! 

The girls and I had to go to UPS and while we were out we ran by our favorite family jeweler (Steel’s if you’re local!) and got my ring cleaned. I wanted it to look fresh and sparkly for our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

Friday Frolic is at our local YMCA and it’s a free play time for kids up to age 6. It’s on most Fridays and is something both of my girls LOVE. It’s tough to find times to take them because Kye can’t go so I can only take them on Fridays when he’s busy and they are at home for some reason. It worked out on Kye’s last day of school that I was able to take the girls up there! I know Britt is our current gymnast but y’all, Tess needs to be enrolled too. My rule of thumb has always been wait until the kids ask but I see how awesome Tess does at so many of the areas and think she’d really be great at it! 

She LOVES the bars and will pull herself up!

Not sure what this is haha

Sweet sisters!

She walked the whole beam by herself and even posed at the end!

Such a fun girl time morning! Britt was running around with new friends most of the time and also has no fear of heights!

We had fun at Friday Frolic but I also had SO MUCH ANXIETY. Back at Christmas time Kye had a half day of school and I totally and completely forgot to get him off the bus. (you can read about it here, def one of my lowest moments) I was basically freaking out all morning with the girls worried that I’d lose track of time or that it’d slip my mind again or something. We were home PLENTY early and were out waiting for him on the porch. He said he was only a little nervous about getting home and not seeing us there haha! 

Britt’s school used the Abeka program and they offered additional book packages to continue to work on her reading. I bought a set of the books so we could work through them this summer as well as continue with them in the fall to keep her reading skills up to speed! She’s been SO thrilled about them!

Figuring it out!!! Whoop Whoop!

The past few years we have had a very casual tradition of going out to eat around the last day of school to celebrate the start of summer. This year we went to Rodeo Mexican Restaurant at the suggestion of many Facebook friends as a cheaper option for dining with a family πŸ˜‰ 

Proud of Britt who wanted to order legit Mexican food rather than just chicken and fries. She loved her quesadilla and request refried beans in it too!

Kye’s lucky day…he found a dollar bill on the floor!

We surprised the kids with a stop at Bruster’s! It’s VERY affordable for our family because Tess eats free and because I had a fully punched card so Zach’s was free too πŸ˜‰ We eat froyo so much but, whew, it’s expensive! I forgot how much cheaper Brusters is!

We are SUPER proud of all of our children for their great school years. But we wanted to do something extra special in honor of Kye and Britt. Kye didn’t pull a single clip (no disciplinary actions taken) the entire school year (he didn’t last year either). Britt not only didn’t pull a clip all year…but she has yet to pull a single clip for her entire school career. Tess is our current winner for most pulled clips…both in a school year as well as overall in an entire school career haha! Making good choices is something we value VERY highly and we’re so proud of Kye and Britt for making such positive choices this year!

We had a full and fun first week of summer!


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