Summer Recap 2018: Week 6

Our 5th week of summer we were at the BEACH! So this recap is our week after the beach – week 6 of summer which covers Sunday July 8th through Friday July 13th!

summer recap week 6

Kye really loved getting to play all the golf and putt-putt while at the beach so when we got home he made his own putt-putt course in his bedroom. Complete with 18 holes and each one having a par ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6

Kye received a new bible from Faith Avenue at church in honor of his baptism ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer Recap Week 6

Kye had his video game camp this week at Valdosta State University. All year he’s been looking forward to attending an app development camp but once the course list came out he decided to go to the video came development camp instead. It was a week long camp and he was super excited about it! It was a punch in the gut dropping him off at COLLEGE!!! Real college will be here before we know it!

Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6

Tessie LOVES a good bath soak (and a billion bath toys ha!)

Summer Recap Week 6

We love Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. I mean who doesn’t love free food?!?! However, I just can’t get on board with spending a bunch of money on some costumes in order to get free food when it would mean spending more money than the food would cost! Right?!?! So last year I invested in cow masks ๐Ÿ™‚ I got this set of them and re-use each year!

Summer Recap Week 6

My cutie cows!

Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6

After hugging the cow Britt said “someday this cow will be eaten” baha!

There are also people who getย super into the cow thingduh I took a video ๐Ÿ˜‰ like these people who travel to TEN CFA’s that day dressed as cows and do a little dance at each location…

Summer Recap Week 6

Tessie loves some fries!

Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6

I took the girls and Spear for lunch to CFA but Kye was at his video game camp at the time. We worked it out where Zach picked him up from camp and they were able to go together to get their free CFA ๐Ÿ™‚ Kye got the special hook up with the ice cream too!

Sigh. Everyone hasย something that freaks. them. out. For me I’ve been on edge about the financial end of Zach’s MS. I’m SO SCARED we’ll get some big bill at some point and that the insurance will stop paying for his meds. His meds = healthy life. No money = no meds = no healthy life. Wellll when I drove up to the house after CFA I grabbed the mail and we had a bill from his MS dr. Yall I FLIPPED OUT and turned too quick into the driveway and scratched the ENTIRE side of my van on my mailbox. WAHHHHHHHH.

We are waiting to get a paint pen from the dealership. Ugh.

Thankfully Zach KNOWS I’m so worried about this happening so he wasn’t even upset at me scratching the van…and hopefully the financial thing works out

Summer Recap Week 6

These two have a ย LOT of quality playtime together during nap time!

Summer Recap Week 6

We celebrated Big Papa’s birthday and Father’s Day late because they were in Ireland and Britt wrote this sweet card for him!

Summer Recap Week 6

Kye’s video game camp pickup was at noon which was tricky for me with Spear and lunchtime. G-Mama to the rescue! We split up the days and she picked up three of the days so she’d be able to have some quality time with each big kid that week. Each day she picked up one of the girls to take to lunch before picking up Kye and then on Kye’s day she picked him up and took him to lunch after the camp. This was such a great excuse for the kids to have quality G-Mama time together and allowed the remaining kid to have quality Mommy time too!

First up was Britt’s day!

Summer Recap Week 6

Tessie – Mommy Time!

She’s also perfecting her wink ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6

Shocker: she LOVES some pool time!

Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6 Summer Recap Week 6

Once Britt and Kye got back I let them swim during naps and I laid out for a bit! Win – Win!

Another camp day!

Tess’s turn for quality G-mama Time!

My messy eater wanted her lunch as a picnic and, of course, swimming!

Britt is so sweet and thoughtful and wanted to make Tess a birthday card several weeks before her birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s very important to me to always, always be very transparent with my blog. When I started blogging I never intended or planned on it becoming more than just a way to keep track of all of our family memories. I’ve loved what it’s slowly evolved into and have enjoyed the occasional freebie along the way. It’s very important to me to always be truthful in any item I receive for free. Both in making sure it’s clear to everyone that I did get it as a gift from a company and also always being honest in truthful in my review of any product received.

I very rarely do any sort of sponsored content and tend to not even open emails from companies (which is just dumb and I’m trying to do better about it!). But when I received an invite from Fresh Beginnings to work with them I jumped at the chance. Fresh Beginnings is a company that started locally and has grown into so much more. Zach and I were good friends with a member of the founding family of the company in college and I love supporting them in any way I can…especially because their cookies are AMAZING. Like addictively amazing. As in cheat-on-your-diet-and-never-look-back awesome.

The sponsored content was only via Instagram but I loved everything so much that I wanted to make sure to share about it here as well! They hooked us UP with such adorable personalized tins and TONS of cookies. Not only are the cookies delicious, but the tins are the perfect personalized touch for any occasion. I was SUPER impressed with the quality of the images…they used pictures from my social media accounts (and designed it all, I didn’t send them a thing!) and yall know when you print pics off Facebook or Insta that they are always grainy and terrible quality so I was super shocked that these tin lids looked as amazing as they did!

The kids were PUMPED and we miiiiight have eaten cookies for like every meal for a week haha. I always knew about the company and that the cookies were awesome but I didn’t know that they actually ship and create these personalized products for gifts! The possibilities are endless and they are perfect for parties, gatherings, and gifts. I’m already planning to do some as great-grandparent presents for holidays (I always have a tough time with what to get them!) and think they’d be great for teacher gifts as well!

You can visit the Fresh Beginnings site here! If you want to place an order use the discount code Emily20 for 20% off your order ANY TIME! It never expires!ย Fresh BeginningsHUGE thanks to for this extra yummy opportunity…we’ll be getting more cookies as soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a video of their excitement!

The cookies are good on their own but with milk? Gets me EVERY TIME! Zach likes his warmed in the microwave but I prefer ’em unheated!

Zach and I have been super committed to our date time…even if it’s at home!

Last day of his video game camp! If you’re local and considering this camp, Kye did really enjoy it and learned a lot about creating his own video game using coding. I wish it was more in-depth and that the instructor took more time in explaining things fully. Kye said it was mostly video based learning and that it was sometimes hard to keep up. They also had some internet issues and other tech issues that slowed down their ability to advance. Overall though it was a worthwhile experience!

You know it’s summer when I see Britt wearing this random headband and Tess wearing a dress that’s entirely too short and still go out in public ha!

Kye had his G-Mama time!

So thankful that Mrs Charlotte always takes the time to pour into our babies and that those bonds are important to her. She makes sure they know how much she loves them and values them and they will always have such great memories from their childhood with their grandmother! We’re very blessed to have her in our lives!

Cleaned out my makeup stash and Britt found the items in the trash and claimed them as hers!

Britt was SO PROUD that she taught Tess to READ this book ๐Ÿ™‚ Bless her, it was adorable that they were both so excited when clearly it’s memorizing and not reading haha

While I LOVE going and doing it was SO nice to have a full week at home! We actually had two full weeks hanging at the house before our next big trip and it was so nice!

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