Stevie’s Angry Birds Party!

On Sunday March 25th we attended Stevie’s 4th birthday party! Have I mentioned I love a Sunday afternoon party??? I myself could never host one (waaaay too stressful with church that morning) but I love being invited to them. Sunday afternoons are always downtime so it’s a nice, fun thing to get to do! Kye was PUMPED for Stevie’s party and I was excited to see what cute things Seth and Crissy  would come up with. Stevie is ALL about that game Angry Birds. I know nothing about it. I downloaded it on my tablet and played it once. I am just NOT into games. I feel like they have no point. You play them and that’s it. I’d much rather spend my time blogging or facebooking as it’s interacting with people and storing memories. Zach is into playing games on his Ipad and phone and such, but it’s just not my thing!

While I may not know anything about the game, I knew enough to see that they did an AWESOME job with the party theme!

Aren’t these cupcakes adorable!?

The weather was PERFECT for the party. The only real issue were bugs and they had plenty of bug spray to pass around. They had a HUGE water balloon sling shot thing set up (I guess in the game it has a sling shot?) and it was the hit of the party. Kye was obsessed with it and got borderline rude at points by hogging the thing.

watch out for Josie!

By the end of the party the kids had fun just breaking the balloons!

The party was from 4-6 which worked out great for our schedules, the only issue was Brittlynn’s 5:00 nap. Thankfully the Megows live like 5 minutes away from us (for now anyways booooo!) so we drove separately. When it was Brittlynn’s nap time Zach took her home and I stayed with Kye. I try really hard to take LOTS of pictures for my friends at their kids parties (I took over 200 of this party!) so it made more sense for me to stay. Britt did enjoy herself while she was there though 🙂

This is funny b/c Zach looks so short and Seth looks like a giant

With my girl

I have NO clue what he was looking at but isn’t this a funny face??

Stevie was SO pumped about her party and kept showing me all her Angry Birds toys


Stevie with her great grandmother, Mimi

Titus (yes, Seth and Crissy MADE themed shirts for the kids…so cool!)

I have NEVER seen Stevie as happy as she was on her party day!

I’m proud that his first food choice was the fruit but can you guess which treat was his favorite?
If you guessed the typically forbidden juice box then you’re right 😉

Since her birthday feel near Easter and the Angry Birds game has something involving eggs, they had a big egg hunt for the kids. We all piled inside and decorated hunting bags then the kids went wild. Kye had a BLAST. I think he and the other little boy enjoyed it the most out of all the kids, maybe egg hunts are a boyish thing?

going through his prizes

he found the “prize egg!”

some boxes of choc candy and a sling shot were the prize (funny side story: I set them both on my purse inside and when we went to leave the sling shot was totally missing haha)

Present time!

Shelby was SUCH a sweet friend. She sat and watched Stevie open each and every gift!

LOTS of Angry Bird gear

I totally didn’t realize that everyone would buy Angry Bird’s themed stuff for her as presents. I know when we do a themed party it’s b/c our kid loves that theme and already has everything. Like for Kye’s Woody Party he already had ALL the Toy Story toys you can imagine…I figured Stevie would enjoy this RANDOM little tea cup pig. I know, random but Stevie always has these little animal toys and I thought it was fun because it came with stuff to dress it up haha. Our present was so LAME!

I was enjoying the party and watching Stevie open gifts while talking to other guests and realized I didn’t see Kye anymore. I started hunting for him and I found him in this house CHOWING DOWN on Starbursts. Like some even still had the wrapper on them.

The kid only found like 10 eggs yet somehow kept having MORE and MORE starbursts. He had them stuffed in his fists and in his pockets. I took them all and put them in my pockets but I kept finding him with more. He was Starburst obsessed. It was extremely funny. This kid who is never allowed candy goes CRAZY when he finds some! Poor, deprived child. 😉

The Megows have a GREAT back yard for parties. They have tons of outside toys and plenty of shade. The kids all had a BLAST running around and playing together. Kye could have stayed all night. He probably used every toy they had out there at some point!

Dave was AWESOME with the kids!

Isn’t she a cutie?

One of Crissy’s goals for the party was a family picture. It’s hard for US to get one with two kids. How in the HECK does she ever get one with four?!?! It was another funny experience…Autumn and I were both trying to take pics of them all and I don’t think any of them were “perfect.” Kye wasn’t helping. I tried to bribe her kids to all look and smile and Kye heard my bribe so HE sat down with them to be in the picture hahaha

Crissy and Liz with the youngest partiers (Olive had an Angry Birds onesie!)

Had to get a pic together 😉

Her shoes matched my toe nail polish 😉

One more pic with a prettier background as Seth requested!

Awesome party planners!

Another cute touch were these angry bird masks!

Crissy’s Dad (who built our house!), Danny and baby Carlo

Dave and April

The great grandmothers

(Crissy asked me to be in charge of all of these mask pics…I LOVED it!!!!)

And who could forget Seth and Crissy?!?!

It was a SUPER fun and very successful party. I really, really had a great time. I love Seth and Crissy, their children, and even their friends and family. I’ve been to so many birthday parties with all of them now that I feel like I know them all haha. I can’t wait until I have four parties to plan every year! Excited to see what fun things they come up with for Neela’s since hers is next 😉


  1. Robyn
    April 20, 2012 / 12:57 am

    The Megows always have the best ideas! Matt and I are totally not that cool!

  2. Ashley Troutman
    April 20, 2012 / 1:44 am

    Okay..3 totally random personal connections with this post:  1)I had just posted that status on my Facebook about the Preston's party on a Sunday, and then I read this! 2) One of my students was having a homesick meltdown today, so to distract him, we got sidewalk chalk out and drew Angry Birds characters during our outside time!3)  I was cracking up about Kye and his starbursts…remember when I said I was kidnapped as a child?  I don't maybe you remember…anyway, it was by my Dad…when my Mom found where I was and came to get me, apparently she was told that I was super good and ate healthy and all…she said as soon as she left with me, we went into a gas station, and I went straight to the candy aisle and tried to grab as much as I could!  

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