Stella & Dot Update!

If you read this blog then you know something about Stella & Dot since I’m pretty much wearing it in every picture 🙂 I started with the company in September (which you can read about here) and I’m SHOCKED with how much I’m loving it. I’ll be the first to admit that working isn’t really “my thing” and that I’m not motivated to work b/c of money. I know that sounds awful but even when I was broke in college I just wasn’t a super hard worker. I didn’t care if it paid good or not – I didn’t want to be there!!! I realize now that I probably didn’t do great at those jobs because I didn’t really enjoy them (I mean, duh, working at a dry cleaners is not exactly awesome).

Once I started babysitting I was in HEAVEN and didn’t care at all how much it paid – I did it because I loved the kids and truly enjoyed my time with them. Now with Stella & Dot I’ve found another job I truly love. I don’t love it for the money aspect (let’s face it, I’m not rolling in the big bucks from it or anything) but I have so so much fun at the parties (“trunk shows” in S&D lingo)!!! And my favorite part is that I get to help the hostesses get FREE stuff. You all know I love some deals and I love being able to share those deals with others.

When I first decided to sign up as a Stella & Dot Stylist Zach was 100% supportive but told me that if we were going to be investing money into it, then I need to take it seriously. Now, about 6 months in, he just told me the other day that I don’t need to take it too seriously either (meaning that my job and main focus needs to always be as a wife and mother like we planned and Stella & Dot shouldn’t come before those priorities). I’m enjoying it that much!

I get so into it at the parties that I always forget to take pictures! I did remember at the very first party I did for a new friend of mine, Brooke. I was def. a “newbie” and have improved so much since then!

I’m wearing the La Coco Chain in Silver with the Jet Faceted Necklace and Brooke’s wearing the Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace

Courtney and Casey each hosted a party during the holiday season. Courtney ended up getting $180 in free jewelry and 3 items at 1/2 off. She did pretty much all her Christmas shopping for free and still got some great stuff for herself 🙂

Casey seriously racked UP! The girl ended up with $388 in FREE jewelry and an additional 4 items at half off. And she had less than 20 people attend her party 🙂 I was blown away, and a little bit jealous too. I hosted my own little party and still was able to get $212 in free stuff and 3 things 1/2 off which isn’t bad for only having less than 10 people show up!

Here I’m wearing the Charlotte Charm Necklace

Up until now I’ve considered myself as a “hobbiest” with the company. I’m not really in it for the dough, I’m just in it for the cute jewelry and fun girl time. When I read the motivational emails from corporate they always refer back to knowing your “why” and having a goal. Recently Robyn and I practically tortured ourselves by going furniture shopping (or should I say browsing). I feel in LOVE with this table from Turners. Most of our current furniture is from Ikea. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Ikea but I’d like to have a SUPER nice kitchen table that we will eat our first meals with our next 3 (or more) children and then will be eating meals with our great-grandchildren at too. Our current kitchen table is so so country looking (duh, NOT my style) and is a hand-me-down from some people I used to babysit for. We had it at the Hillside house, didn’t use it at Abbott, and now are using it again. We need a new table dangit! And of course I had to fall in love with something that we won’t be able to afford for a looooong time.

The good news is that I now have a goal and a “why” for Stella & Dot! My goal is to have 1-2 parties a month so I can 1) enjoy fun girl time meeting new friends 2) get as many people as possible as much free jewelry as possible and 3) save up for the table! I’m hopeful that combining my Stella & Dot earnings with a HUGE garage sale (where we will sell the country table!) will give us enough for the table (and hopefully chairs to go with it…).

I’m a goal type girl and also the type that when I want something, I find a way to get it! I promise you that you WILL see this table in our kitchen someday, and hopefully someday soon! I really appreciate how supportive everyone has been with my new little career (it feels so funny to say that, but it’s legit right?) and I hope to be successful with it. I’m actually going to be at a local bridal show this month (Feb 20th at the Thomasville Bridal Show for you locals) and am PUMPED about it! Mom and I are doing it together which will be super fun and I’m hoping to meet lots of new people and hopefully book some trunk shows from it.

Speaking of trunk shows, I’d love to host one for any of you who may be interested! I would actually LOVE to do one for some of my Atlanta area friends (and Florida friends too!) because then it gives me a reason that I “have” to come up (or down) there and visit (and it makes it so Zach can’t say no! haha). It’s seriously a no-hassle type thing. Just simple food and a couple hours of fun! I’ve got a BUNCH of new jewelry from the Spring Line that I wouldn’t mind showing off either (Kye sure does love it! Here he’s wearing: the La Coco Turquoise Bead Necklace, Birds of Paradise Necklace, Sunset Bangle, Paige Enamel Bangle, and Silver Mira Bangles).

As you can tell I’m really enjoying Stella & Dot so far and can’t wait to see what 2011 will have in store for me with my new love! Even if I can’t get the table we at least know I’ll be well accessorized, right? 😉

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