Standing Kye!

Candler Kye’s new favorite activity has been standing! Obviously, he can’t do it alone and he can’t do it for very long but now the one thing that always cheers him up his holding his arms and allowing him to stand!

I figure it’s good for him to practice holding up those heavy thighs!

Since he’s been enjoying it so much lately I thought we’d pull out his bouncy entertainment thing and see how he liked it! He’s still a little young for it but my arms get tired holding him in the standing position so much and I thought it’d allow me to get some things done while allowing him to do his favorite thing 🙂

Unfortunately he’s still WAY too light for it! His feet didn’t come close to touching the ground!

He got pretty frustrated with it pretty quickly. I realize why they put ages on toys because if it’s “too old” for them they get angry b/c they can’t figure it out. He is still so young where he likes to reach above his head, he hasn’t mastered toys being in front of him like they are on this thing and he couldn’t figure it out!

He mostly just used it as a teething chew toy and chewed on the seat or his arm the whole time!

It did make him ready for nap time though! I plan on leaving it out and going back to it in a couple weeks. He LOVES the one at Mom’s house and I think it’s because it’s a more simple design and he can actually touch the floor so Zach is going to rig something up for him until he gets heavy enough to weigh it down! For now, Mommy will just have to use her arms to allow him to stand!


  1. The Holtons
    June 10, 2009 / 2:57 pm

    Glad to see you blogging! You have to go to PICASA and download it. Once you have used it several times it get fairly easy. But I won't lie-you have to work at it to get started, but I do think it makes cut colleges!

  2. Robyn
    June 10, 2009 / 3:15 pm

    My daughter is about a month older than Kye and she still doesn't touch the floor in hers, either. What we have done that is very simple is to just put a pillow under her feet! That way she can still stand (and even bounce!) and she doesn't realize that she's too "little" for it.

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