St Augustine Trip: Playground and Old Town

I’m a person who enjoys myself the most when there is a plan in place. Even though we knew we’d have a full week at the beach (our longest trip yet) I still wanted to map out each day so we could know what to pack, what food we’d need, and what to expect. Now that we have three kids things really just run soooo smoothly when we have a set agenda for our trips. It means less time is spent figuring out “what’s next” and more time is spent having FUN!

For our 4th day of our trip we planned a non-beach day. We have several things we enjoy doing in St Augustine and wanted to make sure to get all of them in. Usually we stay closer to Old Town and further from the beach so we typically only have a couple visits to the beach. Since we were steps away from the ocean this trip we got to take advantage of WAY more beach time than usual!

That morning I stayed with Tess while Zach took the big kids to get a new boogie board for Kye. When I bought Kye his current board it was on super clearance so I just grabbed it. I have no clue he’d love it so much and really he needed a more “legit” board. The kids had fun Daddy time and came back with some great beach goodies while I worked on stuff for Tess’s birthday party. I’m SO glad I had the time I did while at the beach to knock out some of her party prep stuff. It made the event way less stressful for me!

Our old accommodations were super close to a park near Old Town. It’s an awesome shaded area with a great playground, nice picnic tables, and a carousel. I know people think we’re funny that visiting a local playground is a “must do” for us but we really love it! 

Since Tess stopped nursing at 11 on this trip we were very focused on making sure she ATE! 

My favorite thing is the carousel. It was Tess’s first ride!

The swings they have there are SO HIGH. You can tell how high they are by looking at the ADULTS who are lower than Kye!

Zach was sweet enough to let us ride the carousel once more before we left 🙂 $6 total for two rides was a deal in my opinion!

I love the friendship they share 🙂

After naps we headed to Old Town. We only visit once a trip. While I LOVE St Augustine I really feel like it’s a town more meant for adults. Kids don’t want to walk and shop right?!?! This trip we had a mission to find a new fish for our bathroom. We bought one in Old Town several years ago and it hangs in the kids bathroom but they broke it recently so we had to get a replacement. We first got pics at the cannon! Sadly our regular cannon was under some type of construction (I think they were repainting it) so we had to use one that was facing the sun. 

First annual cannon pic with all three kids!

He’s got the dad of two girls game down!

Miss Hollywood

Tess hadn’t been drinking much of her whole milk sippies so that was my main focus with her…chug that milk girl!

Last year we went over and checked out the fort but we didn’t attempt it this year. It’s HOT and Kye had complained about the walking last year and I didn’t want to put that much on my foot. Plus we wanted to be back for bath and bedtime and decided we just wanted to take our time and enjoy our afternoon rather than spend so much of it walking. I would like to go back to the fort again though next year maybe!

Of course our fish shop was alllll the way at the other end of St George St! Thankfully we found a replacement and then headed back towards our favorite dinner spot. Zach LOVES the Magic Shop so I took Tess for a bit so he and the big kids could watch one of the magic shows 🙂

Best. Pizza. EVER!

Our tradition is pizza for dinner then ice cream at Kilwin’s for dessert. We got smarter this year and Zach and I shared an ice cream! Heat and quickly melting ice cream and 3 kids make it tough so we need to have at least one of us with free hands haha!


The face of the child who doesn’t get any ice cream haha

Zach gave her a little piece of waffle cone at the end!

I love this bc it really shows their personalities. Britt loves the attention and being silly and Kye is like “I’m too cool for this” haha!

What’s so funny to me is that I put Kye in the SAME shorts he wore last year to Old Town and didn’t even realize it! I’m so used to color coordinating for events that I just color coordinated to match past events too bahaha. 

I love looking back at all our cannon pics: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. Our cannon tradition is one of the only ones we have from the time Kye was born! I LOVE IT (and hello, 2010 Kye looks so much like Tess, am I right?!?!). It’s so neat to have those photos and see how much we’ve all changed through the years. Love my sweet family and our traditions 🙂

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