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A lot of “challenges” float around Facebook and I’ve never really been one to participate in them but when I saw the spouse challenge going around I totally jumped on board. Of course whenever anything becomes the “thing of the moment” there will be other stuff posted against whatever that “thing” is. I get that such a “challenge” can come across like those posting are only posting their TOP moments in life and not displaying the REALNESS in their marriage. The ups and downs and harder parts. I get that. And I get how that could make someone feel badly about their own marriage b/c they get caught up in comparing their real life to someones highlight reel. And I get the people saying that their spouse knows how much they love them, and that they don’t need a silly social media challenge to prove that. I agree with all of these things. We can’t get caught up in comparing. We shouldn’t filter our social media so much that it becomes a person who we really aren’t. And our spouses should know we love them without photos to prove it.

But I’m glad I did this little challenge. It was SO FUN looking back through old photos and it really has made me feel extra connected to Zach this week. Reliving our beginnings, our early days, the bumps in the road along the way that have brought us to here. I’m thankful for it all and thankful for him and I wanted to share my posts from the challenge here just as I did on FB and IG. I love these memories and want to have them to look back on and want them to be included in our blog books. Plus today is Zach’s birthday and what better way to celebrate his special day than showing appreciation for the love we share?

Here’s my challenge! If you haven’t participated then I highly encourage it! I know it made Zach’s day a little brighter each day this week to see what I posted each day 🙂

Day 1 of Spouse Challenge: This was the day I met Zach’s family. Not only was I meeting his parents but his entire family (sisters and grandparents 😳) AND our first meeting was at their church. I’d never even heard of the church of Christ and knew nothing about Jesus (I raised my hand in class that morning and asked “if Jesus was Jewish then why are we supposed to be Christians?”). To say I was nervous was an understatement! We went shopping to buy me some appropriate church clothes and I stressed over my nose ring (which didn’t go over so well 🙈). It was a big day and little did everyone know that I was the future Mrs Parker 😉

Spouse Challenge Day 2: I will never forget the first summer Z and I were together and when I got a phone call saying “You won a free cruise!” 🚢 Zach and I called everyone we knew out of excitement. We soon found out that lots of people “won” the “free cruise” because it was actually a timeshare presentation 😜 It was Zach’s first time leaving the country (Bahamas) and the beginning of our favorite thing to do together: travel! We combined several timeshare trips in one and had a 17 day long vacation (including two cruises and a stop at Disney with friends!). I love this pic from our day at a market in Bahamas and love that Zach is rocking his go-to attire at that stage of life: cut off t-shirts. ❤️

Day 3: I may have helped broaden Zach’s horizons by introducing him to a world outside of Valdosta, but he introduced me to the One who created the world and that trumps any vacation imaginable. 🙏🏻 Through Zach’s example and strong faith I came to know Christ, have a personal relationship with Him, and learn that His word is the guidebook for our lives. I put Christ on in baptism at the age of 19 by Zach in a pool at Georgia Bible Camp (while wearing an FSU shirt no less #gonoles). The most important decision of my life was made that day and it’s so special to me that my future husband was the one who helped bring me to that moment. 🙌🏻 Zach lead me to the Lord and together we aim to lead our children down a path of righteousness. ❤️

Day 4 ❤️: As we sit here starting to plan our 10 year anniversary trip I can’t help but to think back to our amazing honeymoon. We spent a few days in Ft Lauderdale ☀️, a week in Maldives 🌊 and a crazy 24 hours in NYC 🚖. It was such a great combination of relaxation and adventure and the perfect way to start our life as Mr and Mrs! He’s my favorite travel partner, forever and always 😘

Day 5 ❤️: It may not be a typical husband and wife photo but it’s one of my favorites of us together. Third labor experience and our second daughter yet the look on Zach’s face and the obvious tears in his eyes show such a strong love for us both. 💕 He’s my rock and there is no one I’d rather have beside me through all the ups and downs of life or to hold my hand when I need to be strong! 💪🏻 While we may not be experiencing child birth again together, I’m excited about our newest journey and know it will only continue to deepen our love! 💙

Day 6 ❤️: I’m so thankful for a husband who “gets me.” He lets me obsess over vacation planning for trips that are months (or years 😏) away, he high fives me when I score much desired Disney reservations, he helps make my birthday party visions come to life and he never complains about dressing in themes (I think he secretly might even like it 😉). I love experiencing life together and he helps make every memory fun!

Day 7 ❤️: I may not have won two national championships 🏈 but I have done some pretty big things in my life – yet you are the biggest thing to ever happen to me. 💕 I thank God every single day for you and our love. Happy Birthday to my favorite person, the man who has always been hotter than Brad Pitt, and the one who I’m blessed to spend forever with! 31 may have been a rougher year, but 32 is gonna be awesome! 😘

Happy Happy Birthday to my MAN! I love you! xoxox

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