Spear’s Week 12 Summary

This is a summary of Spear’s 12th week of life. From Friday Feb 16h through Thursday Feb 22nd. He was 11 weeks old during this week πŸ™‚ (and yes…I write all of this out on every summary post so I can keep myself straight ha!)

Feeding: Bottle feeding for the HUGE WIN this week! We spent a good portion of the week in Florida working on our new Disney Rental Home and my focus was mostly on keeping the older three kids busy and occupied so everyone else could get stuff DONE. Spear provided an opportunity for “break time” for everyone who was working and it is just such a blessing that he can eat from any source…not just from mama! Breastfeeding would have made this weekend impossible! 

Being able to bottle feed him gives such a great opportunity for others to bond with him too and everyone loved that quality time!

He’s still doing great with 6 oz per feeding and still taking the breastmilk well too! 


Aunt Cheryl


And bottle feeding is also great for visiting Disney parks! Sweet boy got to drink his bottle on the monorail, at MK entrance and inside the Dumbo play place πŸ™‚



Up until this week Spear was waking in the night and I was moving him to the swing, but not feeding him. The swing seemed to do the job just fine as he’d go back to sleep no problem

During our long weekend away Zach had me go sleep in another room so I could have a full nights rest and he handled night duty. Well he got hardcore and would spend time and energy when Spear woke up to get him back to sleep rather than just shifting him to the swing. AND IT WORKED (of course it did haha). Spear FINALLY slept solid through the night for the first time!!! No waking at all and slept solid from his last feeding until his wake up time. 12 hours! WHOOP WHOOP!

I seriously don’t know how mamas survive with babies who don’t sttn. I did it for 11 weeks and I’m so  so thankful to NEVER deal with middle of the night feedings again ever. At least not until I have grandbabies πŸ˜‰ 

Current schedule: Still 3 hours! Feedings at 7, 10 (breastmilk), 1, 4 (breastmilk) and 7. 

While on the trip we used the travel bassinet that I’d used for ICPC stay (it’s the Fisher Price Stow N Go Bassinet) and I was worried it’d be too little and he’d be bothered by touching the sides. Sure enough he touched the sides…but he LOVED it and often slept pressed right up against the edges haha

And he looked like he had a tattoo of Spaceship Earth on his forehead haha!

I got SUCH GOOD SLEEP on the trip with Zach handling night duty and even better was knowing that I could sleep solid every night for the rest of my LIFE after that haha!

Can you tell I’m not too sad about being done with the newborn stage?!?! 

Once we got home we did start to have swaddle issues. So far I feel like Spear is a “textbook” baby in a lot of ways. He has issues right when it’s the “norm” to have them and sure enough at 11 weeks old he started breaking out of the swaddle. 

I started doing a new method of swaddling where I’d take a receiving blanket and wrap it around his body and arms, then a muslin blanket to swaddle then a sleep sack! It worked great…at least for this week πŸ˜‰

Other Things Going On:

I’ve been loving using oils on Spear but had a nightmare when we traveled with them because they kept leaking! I got some great tips including to unscrew the lid and put plastic wrap under it to prevent leaking next time. Def gonna try that!

If you haven’t checked out the young living seedlings line I highly recommend it. They have awesome baby products! You can learn more about Young Living on my Young Living Page here πŸ™‚ 

Total parenting fail this week but I realized Spear had a BAD rash on his neck. I’m thinking it was probably from the trip and bathing him in a sink so we weren’t cleaning and drying under his neck well enough? I felt SO BAD for not noticing it sooner but, hello, baby rolls hide things haha!

I really, really appreciate everyone on IG who helped offer suggestions! I ended up already having Lotrimin in a drawer and figured I’d give it a go. Zach and I started making sure to keep that area SUPER dry and applied the Lotrimin on it at night for a few nights. Even just that first night made a HUGE difference!!!

People ALWAYS comment on Spear’s cheeks. ALWAYS. But yall…look at those LASHES!!! They are so long and just so perfect! 

(and okay, the cheeks are pretty adorable too!)

Even though Spear does well for tummy time and HAS rolled over from tummy to back, he’s only done it ONCE. I love being a “seasoned” mama b/c I just don’t worry so much anymore about things like this. I know it’s common for a baby to learn a new skill and then not do it again for awhile. Of course I still keep putting him on that tummy!

I love these sponges for baths in the sink and on the go!

Twinning with Daddy. I know, they are adorable πŸ˜‰

He loved getting all the quality time with Mema!

His favorite ride at Magic Kingdom was It’s a Small World

And meeting Mickey!

(Yes, I know I’ve already shared these pics…but I’m obsessed so deal with it ha!)

I was a tad nervous about taking Spear to Magic Kingdom. I took him when he was 12 days old but I mean a new, new baby is pretty easy going. He’s a little older now and it’s a little trickier. We had the stroller, his car seat, and my lillebaby carrier. I did a combo of them all and it went really great! He slept pretty awesome for his naps and was content the whole time. 

I am a tad bit more nervous about going when it’s warmer out. Even in the cooler weather he and I both got HOT with the baby wearing. I’m not sure how to combat that?

Siblings: Kye LOVED having the three days off this week from school and was always wanting to hold Spear and feed him and love on him. I need to do better about trusting Kye with him. I have a hard time not being worried that he’ll drop him! He’s always like “MOM chill, I HAVE him” but what if he doesn’t? I remind him that it’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s that IF Spear were to fall I know it’d not only hurt Spear, but also hurt Kye so so so much and I just wouldn’t want him to endure that kind of heartbreak either!!!






More pics of my handsome boy!

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