Spear’s Week 11 Summary

This is the summary of Spear’s 11th week of life from Friday February 9th through Thursday February 15th. He was 10 weeks old during this week!

This was a BUSY week for me as a mama so I kinda slacked in taking notes on things and taking photos. #momfail.

Feeding: Feeding continued to go well this week. We put gas drops in his bottle and give them to him in his mouth prior to feeding. He’s always been gassy from birth and really needs the drops still to help avoid belly aches.

He is also still a very sleepy eater and will dose while eating. He is always actively sucking so I don’t overly stress about it and it’s never messed up his sleep cycle or anything (he’s for sure a high sleep needs baby!)

Sleep: Still not sleeping through the night solid…but also continuing not to eat during the night. Since he’s not hungry for his wakings it shows it’s a sleep issue. But it’s a hard thing to work on when you’re EXHAUSTED. So I would move him to the swing or offer a paci and just try to get him to go back to sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable letting him just cry because he’d yet to make it a single night all the way through so I worried he needed me to comfort him. Basically I was sleep deprived and just did whatever it took to get him back to sleep. 

His schedule remained the same with eating times at 7, 10 (breastmilk), 1, 4 (breastmilk) and 7. We bathe him prior to the 7:00 feeding. 

He’s for sure a higher sleep needs baby (even with the night wake ups) and still doesn’t make it to the full awake time lengths between naps of an hour. He typically stays awake for 45ish minutes. 

I don’t mind the post-eating sleepy snuggles!

Love that one of the kids snapped this of me getting him all swaddled up!

He is SO HAPPY when it comes to bedtime. It’s totally my new favorite thing about him. As I lay him down and start swaddling and singing he just stares and stares at me and SMILES the entire time. It’s PRECIOUS. 

Other Things This Week: 

Spear had his first road trip on Thursday (welllll first road trip since all that driving we did his first two weeks of life haha)! We all headed down to the Disney House and pulled out our trusty SwaddleMe swaddles that can be used in the car seat to ensure he slept! He did AWESOME the entire trip!!! 

Tessie was so pumped to have him beside her!

Spear also had his 2 month well visit this week and it went great! 

And Spear celebrated his first Valentine’s Day this week!

Siblings: Tessie and Spear have such a special bond. She’s so adorable with him. He was laying on the floor and she announced “Spear wants to hold me!” So she got down on the floor with him and placed his arm where she could lay on it and snuggle close to him. SO SWEET. 

And she might have also used the opportunity to steal his friend hahaha!

It was all such a cute exchange that I got a couple videos:




(I adore her “baby voice” when she talks to him!)

She asked for a picture with him and completely on her own took his hand! SUCH a sweet big sister!

Whenever he’s awake she’s always close by to read to him, talk to him, and snuggle him!


Sibling Comparisons:

Kye didn’t have an 11th week summary

Britt’s Week 11

We were in Hawaii Tess’s 11th week so there isn’t a summary!

I couldn’t resist sharing this pic of Britt at 10 weeks old…Spear looks so much like her to me at this age with the longer face, hair, and CHEEKS!!! 

More pics of this cute boy!

I am obsessed with this one!


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  1. Christina Gerami
    April 14, 2018 / 1:22 am

    That swaddled smiling bedtime photo is SO cute!How do you use the SwaddleMe in the carseat?

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