Spear’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Spear’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Even though the year got cut short I still have no regrets in the decision to send Spear to school this school year.

He’s the youngest of our kids to start school but he LOVED it and I do think it really helped in his language development too.

I for sure saw this year as just a “bonus year” for him though and didn’t stress it when school was canceled for the remainder of the school year. I appreciated all the efforts his teachers and the school staff put into continuing to provide instruction for the remainder of the year but we didn’t participate in any of it.

Spear got the school of sibling knowledge right here at home 😉

He will go three mornings a week in the fall (he was just two mornings a week this year) and when he starts in the fall he’ll be starting the same class that the other kids all started with as well. I know he’ll continue to thrive and love it!

He was proud to show off some of his work from this year 🙂 You can read all of my thoughts about this crazy end to the school year here!

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