Spear’s Newborn Photos

I’m so, so appreciative to Lindsay from Captured by Colson for being so flexible with us regarding our newborn session for Spear. With his unknown due date, long stay in Florida and being so close to Christmas it was a lot to work around and she was so understanding and made it happen! 

I was really excited for these photos! For each of our babies we had a photographer there for the birth (or in Spear’s case, when the documents were signed making him part of our family) and we have photos taken within the first twoish weeks of life then again at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, then yearly from then on. It’s crazy that Spear will be our last excuse for so many photos ha!

We had the photos in our home and my goal was just to be super relaxed and casual. I didn’t even buy a single outfit for the photos and just put together things we already had at home. We are so comfortable with Lindsay that it makes our sessions go super smoothly and makes for even better end results! When everyone is happy and relaxed, the smiles are natural and the moments are real! 

Lindsay specializes in weddings and seniors so I especially appreciate her stepping out of her typical cliental to take these photos for us 🙂 If you know someone who is engaged or is an upcoming senior…be sure to check out Captured by Colson. She does amazing work that never looks over-edited or over-posed. She has creative ideas, is always positive and up-beat at sessions, and will give you an end result you’re sure to love (as well as a price point you can actually afford). 

First up some of Spear solo! Usually I choose between the color and black and white when sharing but for so many of these images I wanted to share both because I felt like the color change completely changed the feel of the photo and I loved how both turned out 😉 Be warned for picture overload!!!

Every newborn we take photos of them in Zach’s hand. I am excited to display all four on a wall in our hallway!

Katie made this ADORABLE blanket for us and these turned out to be my favorites of Spear!

Mommy and Daddy with Spear


(Sidenote but I LOVED my top for these photos! The lace along the bottom made it a little dressier while still keeping the casual, comfortable vibe I was going for. I ordered it from Amazon…here’s a direct link!)

Just Spear with Mommy

We took this same photo with Tess and it was my favorite so I had to recreate and it’s my favorite again!

Daddy and his youngest son!

I love the contrast of Zach’s hands against the tiny baby in his arms!

Tess was eager to hold Spear first and she also asked to hold him again by herself at the end. She loves her little brother SO much!

It’s so funny how different Britt looks now vs when these photos were taken. She’s lost three of her top teeth and looks like a completely different child than she does here!

Best big brother 🙂

The boys!

Sibling photos are always among my favorites because they are SO hard for me to get when I take pictures myself! 

I loved having them all pile in his crib! It’s such a meaningful photo to me because it’s the same crib that ALL four of them have slept in as babies.

And finally…FAMILY!!!

I don’t have a lot of photos up around our home (the photo wall behind us is about it and that has a mixture of our little family and all the extended family). I have a spot in our dining room that I’ve been saving since we built our home in 2010. Waiting for our family to be complete. Waiting for the perfect photo to turn into a canvas to hang there! It’s so fun to me now that every family photo we have taken will be of our ENTIRE family. No more missing piece! 

I think this would be so fun to recreate once Spear is walking!

Favorite. My heart is SO FULL!

I love all of these so, so much and am super glad I held off on Spear’s birth announcement! When Britt was born (We actually had her newborn photos 6 years prior to Spear’s newborns…TO THE DAY. How crazy is that?!?!) I rushed like a crazy person and sent out both Christmas cards and birth announcements. For Spear I decided to not rush it. I wanted to create an announcement that I LOVED and didn’t want to hurry through the process. So I skipped Christmas cards this year and instead sent out the birth announcements as also kinda a combo “Happy New Year” card and sent them to everyone on our Christmas card list. 

I used Snapfish for the designs and LOVE how they turned out! (I do have to point out that his last name isn’t technically Parker yet but we decided to use it on the announcement since it will be his name soon enough!)

As always we’re so appreciative to Captured by Colson and are simply in love with our photos! Looking so forward to continuing to work with her as Spear grows up. I can’t believe these were our last newborn photos EVER (insert crying emoji here!). 

You can see all of the kids’ newborn sessions here (sidenote but it’s pretty tiiiiight not to have postpartum baby body in Spear’s pics ha!):





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