Spear’s 2 Month Well Visit and Britt’s 6 Year Well Visit

Britt and Spear had their well visits on Feb 12th. It worked out where Kye and Tess both had their dental cleanings the same day so everyone missed school and everyone went with us to the morning appointment (then Zach took Spear and Britt home while I took Kye and Tess to the dentist!).

Britt’s 6 year check up didn’t include any shots…but Spear’s 2 month visit was also  his first round of vaccines. So that meant Daddy came too as Mama can’t handle shot duty!

Seeing what Disney rides she’s tall enough for now 😉 

Britt has been complaining of headaches on and off for awhile now so I was interested to see how she did with the vision exam. I had to get glasses when I was in 2nd grade so I assume at least one of our kids will need them! I figured her headache issues were vision related, but she passed the vision test with flying colors! 

So glad big brother was there to help keep Spear happy while we waited 🙂 

Waiting. And waiting. And waiting!

These questionnaires the government requires for us to fill out are always pretty humorous to me! 

I was happy to see that Spear was meeting all of his milestones!!!

Time for a check-up! Spear did GREAT!!!

He slept in his car seat until his exam then slept in my arms while we waited for the dr!

We’ll cover Britt first:

  • We discussed the headaches. It’s tricky because Britt tends to be on the dramatic side of life and I just don’t know if she REALLY has headaches every time that she says she has them. I’m not saying I don’t trust her…butttttt…the dr said at this age he’s not overly concerned and to just treat them with Tylenol or Motrin as needed. 
  • Her urine looked great and vision and hearing were both great!
  • He said she’s perfect and healthy!

At 6 years old she’s 46.5 inches tall (75th percentile) and weighs 42.5 lbs (25th percentile)

At her 5 year appointment she was 44 inches tall (75th percentile) and weighed 37.8 lbs (25th percentile).

Also to compare to Kye at his 6 year well check he was: 45.5 inches tall and weighed 46 lbs. He was in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.

I do think the height measurement may be inaccurate for Britt. When we traveled to Disney World recently she was able to ride rides that require a 48 inch minimum height. Disney is SUPER strict on their measuring so I don’t think she’s an entire 1.5 inches lower than their minimum!?!?

I always think it’s fun to test out the Baby Center Height Predictor. For Britt it guesstimates she will be 5’4″ at age 18. Which is BY FAR the shortest it’s ever predicted for her! Either she’s slowing down in her height or, again, the measurement may be off. Usually it always says she’ll be around 5’10!

So thankful for her healthy check-up and that she’s doing so well! I also always appreciate that our pediatrician office has NEVER talked to us about her under weight. She’s always been in the lower percentiles for weight and it’s never been a cause for concern!

Now for Spear:

At 2 months old Spear is 23.5 inches long (50th percentile) and weighs 13.5 lbs (50th percentile). His head circumference is 15.75 inches around (25th percentile)

We thought Spear’s weight was HUGE until I looked back and compared to his siblings!

At his 2 month appointment Kye was: 23 1/4 inches long (50th percentile), 13 lbs 15 oz (75th percentile), and 15.5 inches for head circumference

At her 2 month appointment Britt was: 24 inches long (90th percentile), 13 lbs 10 oz (90th percentile) and 15 inches for head circumference (25th percentile).

And at her 2 month appointment Tess was: 23 3/4 inches long (90th percentile), 11 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile) and had a head circumference of 15 1/8th inches (28th percentile)

So really Spear is right about where all my other babies have been. He’s shorter than Tess and Kye and only slightly longer than Britt was. He also weighs the same that Kye did, less than Britt, and more than Tess. And his head size is bigger than any of them!

It’s a great source of comfort to me to compare his stats to the other three. While I know they aren’t biologically related, I know all three kids were healthy and have continued to be healthy so seeing that Spear is right where they all were at this age is a blessing to know he’s also healthy and gives me that added encouragement that he’ll continue to be healthy too!

I was nervous about Spear’s quick breathing and that his nasal passages look narrow to me. The dr said it’s all normal and fine and very typical at this age to breath fast and that his airways are nice and open like they should be. He also said congestion is very normal as babies develop. 

I also asked about how much Spear should be drinking in his bottles and the dr said between 24-36 total ounces a day. 

He said his privates look great and totally healed and that his eyes both look great too and no lingering issues there (I was worried about one of his eyes that were a bit swollen after birth). 

He warned about the flu being SUPER bad and that it’s best to keep Spear as little exposed as possible, especially places where people tend to get in his face like at church or the kid’s classes etc. 

We talked a bit about Spear’s beginning of life and being adopted. My main question was WHEN DOES IT STOP MATTERING. Like do I need to tell every dr every visit that he’s adopted? Do I have to go over what history I know for him each time we see someone knew? He said that truly none of his experiences in the womb will matter at all until possibly school age. If we start to see learning related concerns and such then those things may matter but until then they really don’t have any affect on his overall well being or health and I don’t need to feel concerned or like I have to mention it at appointments. 

Spear is perfect and healthy and SUCH A BLESSING. 

I also did ask about Kye regarding his age and needing to wear deodorant and the dr said it’s really personal preference. Since I can’t smell I don’t want my kids to be stinky and it be my fault for not being proactive about it! I got him some deodorant (I’m careful about aluminum in deodorant and love the Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural for myself and plan to use it for the kids too!)

It’s always so, so great to hear that our babies are so healthy. Spear did great for his shots and didn’t have any side effects or issues once we were home! 


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