Spear Summary of Month 24

Spear Summary of Month 24


It’s the last time I will EVER count my kids ages by MONTHS rather than years.

The last time I’ll EVER write a post of this kind!

Let’s do this!

This post covers Spear’s 24th month of life (all of November 2019) and he was 23 months old during this month.

toddler summary 23 month old boy

Sleeping and Eating

Spear did totally fine adjusting to dropping the morning nap (I mean DUH he should have…he had it long enough haha!).

I am still putting him down for nap much earlier than my normal 12:45 nap time due to the fact that if I wait to put him down until 12:45 he seems to nap less than if I put him down earlier.

He will tend to also nap for half the nap, wake up a bit, and then go back to sleep.

He still sleeps super great at night and is exhausted on school days where he doesn’t get home from school until 12:50ish.

Spear also figured out how to turn on the light switch in his room which was causing a huge distraction at nap time so now we have to pull the crib away from the wall!

With eating Spear has always grubbed out but now he’s eating much quicker which can become problematic if he’s finished eating before everyone else.

That’s when food starts getting tossed! So we def try our best to wait to give him any food until everyone is seated and ready to eat…and I’m reminded why moms all eat so fast haha


Spear continues to just adore going to school. I think he’d honestly be happiest if I had him enrolled every day!

The benefits also continue to show at home, he asks constantly to sit and color and do puzzles.

I’m so glad he loves it so much!

Along with school Spear also does super well with church Sunday school. He’s been one of my easiest kids to leave (I’ve never once been called to come get him due to crying!) and he has so much fun learning about Jesus!

Speech Update:

Big news on the speech front this month!

I about cried during his therapy one week when he just showed OFF and used TONS of words while she was at the house with us.

She said he’s well over 50 words and actually, at this point, ahead for his current age and has hit the milestone they look for at age 2! Whoop whoop!

I’m very interested to see if he still qualifies for services at the 6 month eval.

I’m SO thankful for his huge progress!

He can literally say just about any single word when asked to repeat it, says tons of things completely on his own and uses many 2 word combinations!

More About Spear:

Spear has always been super obsessed with Daddy and just always wants Daddy to hold him and tuck him in and he wants to be with Zach wherever we go. It’s so precious!

Spear continues to LOVE going outside. He will constantly put on people’s shoes and go to the door hoping we’ll let him go outside.

He is my wild man and I def cannot trust him in the playroom to play solo yet…he’s my first climber and “destructive” child. It makes it hard to keep a space clean with him around and I zero percent think he can handle the playroom solo so we’re keeping the pack and play for independent playtime (thankful he hasn’t figured out how to climb out yet!)

Spear loves tools and I have to keep an eye on that too b/c he’ll try to fix EVERYTHING (and I don’t want my furniture destroyed by toy hammers!).

Spear also started to understand to smile for pictures and says “cheese!”

Along with outside time he also loves bath time! He loves to lay down in it

Sweet Siblings

My fav bond out of our four is the bond that Spear and Tess share. It is just ADORABLE the way she loves him!

He has her wrapped around his finger!!!

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Sibling Comparisons

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