Spear Summary of Month 10

This is a summary from Spear’s 10th month of life. From Sept 1 – Sept 30th. He was 9 months old during this month. 

Eating: Spear is VERY active and struggles to sit still for bottle feedings. Any sort of snuggling during bottle time? Totally gone! He’s ALL over the place!

This month he and I went to watch Kye and Britt run in a school fundraiser and he was mr. bro bottle drinker. He wanted to hold it himself and drank it super well himself. Freed me up and kept him happily entertained!

I also introduced peanut butter this month as we had his 9 month well visit and I wanted to see if he’d have any sort of reaction. He did great and enjoyed it and didn’t have any rash or anything! 

Eating solids makes eating on the go easier because he can happily eat while we eat too! I took Spear and Tess to McDonald’s while Kye and Britt were camping and he loved sitting and looking at all the people. Such an easy going boy!

Sleeping: Spear is still a great sleeper. We actually are hanging onto his cat nap in the evenings and still putting him down from 5-6. It allows us to get dinner ready and such and allows him to get a little rest. Whenever we do skip it he’s super fussy so why deal with that? 

He always wakes up happy and is most often standing up in his crib to greet us when we walk in!

Whew that hair! 

I have always enjoyed The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems as one of my go-to parenting books when my kids are babies. One of the things she recommends when putting your baby down for sleep is to JUST SIT with them. Hold them. Don’t rock or anything. Just sit and hold and it helps relax them and get them ready for bed. (You can read more about the 4 S’s here!)

Now that Spear is less interested in snuggling during his bottle I wanted to get some snuggle time in somehow so I decided to actually revert back to the holding portion prior to laying him down to sleep. 

I don’t do it the “right way” as in I don’t just sit and hold him. Instead I hold him and sing his song to him and oh my goodness y’all it’s MY FAVORITE. He is SO sweet and laughs and kisses all over me and settles down on my shoulder. It’s the best 1-2 minutes of my day πŸ˜‰ 

He has always cried when we lay him down for naps. Always. Every single time. And that hasn’t changed with adding in this little bit of snuggle time. He still fusses when I lay him down but I do think it helps with the transition! 


7: Formula bottle 6 oz, solids

Independent playtime

9-11: Nap

11: 6 oz formula, solids with Tess lunch

independent playtime if possible

1-3 nap

3ish: breastmilk 6 oz 

5-6: catnap

6: dinner with family, solids 


7: 8 oz formula bottle before bed

Other Things with Spear:

This month Spear got to start using the bath seat! It literally lasted for like a week or less though. Kid is just too active and wild and we’ve already stuck him just in the tub without it haha! 

This also means he can start bathing with Tess. Britt and Kye both shower so Tess and Spear can bathe together!

Spear is not yet cruising. Still just standing while holding onto something but the kid can climb! He’s into everything and super mega fast so we really have to keep a constant eye on him and the older three are getting into the routine of keeping things off the floor, keeping things out of reach, and locking the baby gate on the stairs!

If I ever can’t find Spear the first place I look is the kid’s bathroom. It’s his favorite spot to go and we’re also working on training everyone to CLOSE DOORS πŸ˜‰ 

He LOVES cabinets. It’s like he can sense an open cabin door and he comes RACING to it. He loves to pull things out and I’m thankful I have this little set up in the kitchen. Pull out all the puzzles you want dude πŸ˜‰ 

Spear got his Bible for Bible Class!

Spear’s birth certificate arrived in the mail this month. It’s SO neat seeing OUR NAMES listed as his parents and seeing his FULL name listed! We never received his prior birth certificate so I have no idea how it was listed there but now that his adoption is finalized it’s all switched over and legit πŸ™‚ 

This month Spear said MAMA!!! He’s my YOUNGEST kid (by like a lot) to say it so huge brownie points for him!

Got some Big Daddy snuggles πŸ™‚ 

Love my boy!

The big three missed Spear while we were away in California and were all so excited to see him! 

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I personally think Spear and Britt look the most alike! Right?!?! Same hair color, similar eye shape and color and the same BIG MOUTH!!!


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