Spear is 23 Months Old

Spear is 23 Months Old.

Hold up y’all. It totally just hit me as I wrote that.

I only have ONE MORE MONTH of these monthly summaries. EVER.

Oh man. Whew. That’s C-RAZY.

I’ve been writing these beasts since Kye was a new baby 10 years ago.

Once I’m done with them all my big goal for 2020 is some mega blog organization so I’m hoping to do something with them all somehow to make them easier to access for people with kids at each age to be able to see some comparisons and what to expect! We’ll figure it out once I get there.


what to expect 23 month old toddler

Spear turned 23 months old on November 1st.

Using What to Expect the Toddler Years here is where Spear matches up with the “norm” for his age in the area of development and milestones.

At 23 months old Spear is doing everything that a toddler his age should be doing including kick a ball forward (only one thing this month!).

He is also doing everything a 23 month old will probably be able to do including:

  • combine words (SO HAPPY TO SAY THAT!)
  • identify 6 body parts by naming
  • use 50+ single words (PTL!!!)

He is able to do the one thing a toddler his age may possibly be able to do and that’s putting on an article of clothing (shoes count right?)

Spear can do one of the things a 23 month old may even be able to do and that’s identifying four items in a picture by naming.

He cannot yet use prepositions.

Again guys I’m just so blown away by how well he’s hitting the developmental milestones this month! So thankful for this huge progress especially in his speech!

You can read his sibling comparisons here:

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