Spa Day #1

For my birthday back in November I was lucky enough to get two spa certificates! Since the one Dad sent me expired first I decided to book it for Wednesday of this week since I’m getting deep into the third trimester and I knew I’d be tired after the long car ride back and forth to Gatlinburg then the long day of an Aflac meeting (from 9-5!) in Waycross.

It really was perfect timing! I showed up at 9:00 and they told me that it’s a good thing I made my appointment when I did because they are closing their doors this Saturday! Whew! I did not leave there until 1:30!!!

My first hour or so included an awesome massage. I was always curious how prenatal massages worked but they gave me a big body pillow and I layed on my side as she massaged one part of my back then I’d lay on the other side while she did the other. It felt so good! I am hardcore about being SILENT during a massage because how can you really relax when you are talking the whole time? But I realize being pregnant makes people want to chat so being quiet was impossible. The massage lady was so nice though so I didn’t mind!

Then I had an hour facial and it was great! I love the feeling of the steam on my skin and it really helped open up my congestion that I’ve been feeling for SO long now. She also looked closely at my skin and said I’m looking good as far as wrinkles, that I do have some sun damage I need to take care of, and that the swelling I’m beginning to see in my face is caused by not drinking enough water. She recommended that I drink 70 OZ of water A DAY. Crazy! But I did it yesterday and I’m super proud of myself…hopefully I can keep it up and will see a difference in my face!

After the facial I had a pedicure. They did this paraffin wax thing and it felt so good. It was mega hot but was really relaxing. During my pedicure this random lady busted in and she was from the State Health Department and came to do an inspection of the facilities! The girl giving me the pedicure told me that in the two years they’ve been opened that the department had NEVER done an stupid to do one once they were about to close!

I thought for sure I was done after the pedicure but then she also gave me a manicure! Being there for for 4 1/2 hours was a pretty awesome day for sure! When I went to leave I asked if my certificate included gratuity because I wanted to make sure I didn’t jip them. The girl checking me out said I owed money because I wasn’t supposed to have an hour long facial. I told her when I made the appointment I didn’t even know what my certificate included so she didn’t make me pay! So not only did I have a great day all about ME but I also got hooked up! haha!

I plan on booking my second spa day the Friday before my due date…hopefully it’ll help push things along! And if for some reason I don’t make it that long they said I can use it after the baby is born which will be nice too! I wish I could always be this pampered!!!

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  1. Josh and Danielle
    January 27, 2009 / 2:30 am

    It’s funny you mentioned the real world thing because I was actually just thinking about how different *your* life would be if you would have made it haha! P.S. Spas are amazing!!!

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