Snow in Valdosta

ALL day on Friday EVERYONE on Facebook was super pumped for snow in Valdosta. I didn’t get my hopes up. Hellllo we live in SOUTH GEORGIA. Snow? Doubtful!

We had Robyn, Matt and Lorelai over for dinner (fun as always!) and a couple people sent me text messages and when I checked them they said it was actually snowing! It snowed from about 7:20 until 7:45, so not for long. It obviously didn’t stick (which to me makes it not really count) but it was pretty to see the flurries in the sky!!!

“can this really be snow?!?”


it stuck a little!!!

falling from the sky

the guys trying to catch it in their mouths

little left overs on the clothes!

we had to have a turn in it too!

Robyn made a “snow ball” haha

Was it neat? Yup. Was it worth waking Kye up for? Nope. I’m not afraid that Kye will never see snow, we travel a LOT. We LOVE skiing. We’re counting down until he turns two so he can start skiing too! But it was very cool to get to see snow in our South Georgia sky and I’m JEALOUS of my friends back home in Lawrenceville who got to see a LOT more of it!!!

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  1. Matt and Robyn
    February 17, 2010 / 11:56 pm

    That was so so so much fun! Even if it didn't stick – I was mega excited!

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