Slippin’ and a Slidin’

The weekend when I went up to Atlanta with Crissy to show our support for Rachael and family we had, as usual, already had plans. Saturday was Mrs. Charlotte’s Day. For Mother’s Day we all chipped in and got her a gift card to a local nursery and said we’d spend the whole day at her house helping to make her yard beautiful. While I hated to miss a family day, I didn’t miss much other than all the work (which I got lucky to miss for sure!) Crissy and I got back just in time for the fun to start 🙂

I left one of my cameras with them so some pictures could be taken if I missed anything and here are some of the cute moments Mommy missed from the day:

Older cousin pushing the younger one in the rain

Kye learned how to drive Colt’s Power Wheels 4 Wheeler (potential Christmas present?!?)

On our way back from Atlanta, Zach called and said that they were setting up a slip and slide and for Crissy to tell Seth to bring the girls over there too so they could join in. While I opted out of the slide, I did enjoy watching! Btw…we live in the country so our slip and slide is some black plastic and dish soap 🙂

Colt and Kye loved it!

Daddy was the official pusher

Big Boy Colt

Here comes Kye!

Payton pretty much enjoyed just eating the soap

Stevie stayed frozen like this in tears, she hated it

of course Neela is down for anything!

Mr. Farmer Rusty wearing overalls in 100 degree weather haha

After the fun of the slip and slide wore off the kids played in a little pool and had a great time fighting over toys. It was so neat having SO many kids together (5 total!). They all got along very well and all did pretty good sharing toys and taking turns with stuff. We ALL ate dinner together at their house and just had a fun, relaxing afternoon. I was a little out of it as I was sooo tired and sooo emotional but I loved having everyone together!

LOVE this face…he looks like he knows he’s pimpin’ the ladies haha

cute one of Kye, awesome one of Neela’s crack

only my child would drink that nassssty water

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