Singles Day!!!

I’ve followed Kelly’s Korner for such a long time (and was totally crunk when I got the chance to meet her!) and have always loved the Single’s Day she hosts! It’s so cool how many couples have found love through her blog and I’ve always wanted to participate somehow. This time around I offered up my blog on Facebook to anyone who wanted to participate in the Singles Day link up! 

First up Meet: AMY

Amy grew up as a member of the Church of Christ and attends church with us! We’ve gotten to know her better over the years as she works as a dental hygienist at the local pediatric dentist office where we take the kids. She is ALWAYS going about and beyond to make them comfortable and to explain everything she’s doing. Amy is SUPER sweet!

She is 40 years old, is from South Georgia, and is very family oriented. She loves spending quality time with her family and LOVES that her job allows her to be so involved with kids! Church is very important to her and she hopes to find someone who feels that same way. She lives a very Christ centered life and does not participate in smoking or drinking! She is a little more reserved than I am (which tends to be most people haha) and people probably consider her shy upon first meeting her. She loves to read, fish, shop, and watch movies. She is not a fan of scary movies though or haunted houses 😉 She hopes to someday meet someone who shares her morals and beliefs and to start a family of her own!

Next up Meet: ASHLEY

Ashley is an instagram friend of mine who another mutual friend (Amanda!) suggested for Singles Day! She’s a Seminole girl so I totally know we’ll get along just fine 😉

Ashley is 27 years old and lives in South Georgia. She is the sales leader and office manager at State Farm. She enjoys shopping, traveling, crafting and spending time with her family and cats. She comes from a wonderful family, her paternal grandparents are actually in the mission field right now! Ashley is a very girly girl and enjoys all things pink and glittery 🙂 

She is looking for someone who has a good sense of humor and who will treat her with respect and value what she brings to the relationship. She is wanting to meet a Christian man who wants to start a family (and being a southerner would def be a big plus!). 

SO honored to be able to feature these ladies! Praying for some more success stories to come from Singles Day this round…and hopefully two of them will be for Amy and Ashley!

If you’d like to get to know either of these women a little better leave a comment with an email address and who you’d like to get to know! I also have both of their email addresses! If you know someone who would be a good match for either of them feel free to pass along this blog post 🙂 

So fun getting to play match maker!!!

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