Sibling Love

I have always known that I someday wanted a big family. I have never understood parents who choose to only have one child. I often watch Kye play and feel bad that he is always having to play on his own. I have looked forward to giving him a sibling, to adding another member to our family. Never during my pregnancy with Brittlynn did I think adding a new baby would be this wonderful. Since Kye was my only child, I (naturally) worried about him a lot. How the new baby would affect him. Guilt over his constant attention having to be shared. I knew in the “big picture” the new baby would be a blessing for him, someone to play with someday, to confide in. But in the near future it would be a big adjustment, and I was nervous about how that adjustment would go. 

While I admit that life with two surely isn’t easy, it IS wonderful. There is NOTHING better than seeing my two children love on each other. I really didn’t think Kye and Brittlynn would be able to interact so soon. I pictured them not really “playing” together until she was mobile. Possibly even longer. Kye simply adores his sister. Like seriously. I’m not exaggerating or leaving some detail out. He truly loves her in a way that I didn’t think he would so quickly.

His face lights up when he sees her. He talks sweet baby talk to her. He calls her all kinds of little pet names. He worries about her, constantly checking the monitor to see if she’s okay. He defends her. If I’m tickling her and I say “I’m gonna get that baby!” he gets very defensive and tells me I’m not allowed to eat her. He hugs on her, loves on her, and is always so gentle with her. He helps her constantly and is always letting me know what she needs or wants. He also shares with her. I told Zach early on that I never wanted to force Kye to share certain things. Some of his things should get to STAY his, ya know? Especially his “friends” (Monkey, Smryna, Pillow and Blanket). He has to share enough of his things (or at least he WILL have to share enough of them) with his siblings and I think each child deserves to have things that they get to keep 100% theirs! Well, Kye just keeps surprising me! He WANTS to share with her and offers up his stuff to her constantly, including his friends.

One of my favorite times of the day is the 3:00 hour. Brittlynn wakes up at 3:00 to nurse and Kye has been sleeping until 4ish so I get some alone time with Brittlynn. I soak her up and love on her and then she and I go in together to wake Kye up from his nap. I LOVE how happy he is to see her and he always wants us all to cuddle together in his bed. It’s so precious and it’s just one of those moments where you wish you could freeze time!

 Kye wanted Britt to cuddle with his monkey

Playing with Jessie

Best Friends!

He always puts his blanket on her and gets frustrated how quickly she kicks it away. He fixes it over and over again for her!

Sharing Kye’s Friends

Reading to her

Cuddling in Mommy’s bed
We also play “where’s Kye?” quite often in our bed…here’s a video

More reading to his sister

Here’s a video of Kye interacting with her

Sweet feet

Whenever she fusses, Kye KNOWS how to cheer her up!

First time eating out back as a family of four.

Whenever we eat we put her in the bouncer and Kye talks to her, sings to her, and “gives her stuff she wants” constantly.

He ALWAYS wants Brittlynn to be part of the action, she’s invited into all of his forts

Whenever she plays with her Lamb Kye immediately goes to get his friends to play together.

I love her excited facial expressions

Here’s a video of them together


Kye also insists on helping us put her to bed and wake her up. He takes his job very seriously of turning on or off her fan and talking sweetly to her when we enter her room. Sometimes he will ask to get in the crib with her to cuddle and that’s fine by me! She loves the attention!

I know their relationship won’t always be this perfect. They will bicker. They will hurt each other. They will annoy the crap out of each other. My prayer is that those days will be short lived. That as adults they will rely on each other and keep their bond together strong. Someday Zach and I will be gone and it’s so important that they stay connected, to keep our family together. My prayer for them both is that they each marry someone that understands the importance of family and who gets along with their siblings. It takes work to join a family and I’m thankful that I am so close to the Parker’s. I truly do want the bond we all have to keep going for the next generation. I love thinking that someday they will have kids running around playing together. Kye is a wonderful big brother and it’s a role I know he’ll continue to fill with pride for the rest of his life!



  1. Elizabeth Drucker
    May 21, 2012 / 6:43 pm

    They are so sweet!  They are a lot like my two.  Damian and Madelyn are BFF'S (that is what he will tell you).  They definitely will get on each others nerves, but they are always playing together and running around.  I love listening to their conversations and how sweet they are to each other.  Just yesterday she was passing him on the stairs and he blocked them and said the password was a kiss.  They will both defend each other and Damian gets mad if his friends try to leave out his "baby."  You are going to have so much fun with them.  Having kids that love and adore each other makes being a mommy even better.  They are both precious! 

  2. Rachael_Copponex
    May 21, 2012 / 7:04 pm

    Brady could disappear tomorrow and Macy would have no idea.  She has zero interest in him.  It makes me sad Kye loves Brittlynn so much, and I thought of Liz's kids too!  Maybe, eventually?  It's not that she doesn't like him she just does not care AT ALL.  hahaha And, who is Smyrna?

  3. mega2300
    May 21, 2012 / 10:31 pm

    So sweet! I love the pictures! Britt seriously cracks me up with the mouth open, she is a doll! You can see the love in the pictures!!

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