Shower For Courtney

So what I only had a baby four weeks ago? I can totally handle throwing a shower at my house! I’m a little crazy for doing it, but looking back I’m glad I did. It forced me to get in a routine of running errands with the baby and it forced me to give my house a good solid cleaning!

I missed out on all of Courtney’s baby showers when she was pregnant with Colt and I even missed his birth so I thought I should throw her a shower for Payton. I know showers for second babies aren’t the norm but that is so stupid! People still need things! And it’s good for Courtney because she’s having a girl this time and got a bunch of cute girly things as gifts.

The shower went really well! We played two games which I totally plan on playing again when I throw Crissy her shower for Neela in June! We did the attribute game that we played at my shower Mom threw me and we did a game of bottle racing.

Ashley totally thought she was going to win! She’s hardcore about some shower games!

Aunt Karen HATES showers! I caught her messing with her phone while Courtney was opening gifts! haha She was super mad at me because I had Zach take the baby so Kye wasn’t there during the shower. I felt like the day should be about Courtney and her baby! Not about my baby!

Casey helped me throw the shower and it was a great turnout…we had like 17 people I think and it was a really nice time! I’m glad I can at least say I was at one shower 🙂

Notice I have to stand on my tip toes haha!

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