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Going through old pics is SO FUN. I loved the link-up topic today with Momfessionals: school photos. Who doesn’t have a milllllion embarrassing school pics?!?! When I was searching through my stuff to find these I actually struggled to find them. But yet I had a TON of random kids throughout my classes. We always gave away our school pics, not keep them!

All about that school spirit πŸ™‚

My mom stayed at home but my brother and I always rode the bus. I I have great memories walking to the end of our culd-a-sac and hanging at the bus stop with our neighbors. 

Look through these makes me SO nervous for my poor daughters..I mean I was so stinking cute and went downhill quick haha Sorry Britt and Tess for the awkward years you may face ahead πŸ˜‰

Who else drew all over their year books? Hearts by the cute boys, mustaches on the girls I didn’t like and of course a HUGE arrow to remind myself who is ME πŸ˜‰

 Straight up Tess face!

Looking through these pics also made me think a lot about fashion. Why do we both stressing over our kids looking super cute? The reality is that all the clothes we put them in now are ones they will make fun of as they get older anyway! I’m sure my mom thought she was dressing me so cute but I mean I’d never put my kids in any of this stuff right?!?! It’s all def relative to what is the current trend and no matter how “on trend” you are, it will go out of style quickly!

Clearly picture day time was after recess haha! I love the laser background – so cutting edge

I got glasses in 2nd grade. I was so blind that I was always TERRIFIED that I’d lose my glasses. The moment from waking up until I had them on was the scariest part of the day b/c I couldn’t see a thing. One of my biggest fears was getting kidnapped from my bed and not having my glasses so I wouldn’t be able to see to escape. I never minded the glasses b/c they were SUCH a necessity for me!

A really uncool and unattractive necessity πŸ™‚ 

The color blocking and watch wearing make it cooler right?

This is probably my favorite look. I thought I was hot stuff in my Mom’s shirt and was rocccccking that ying yang necklace like no one’s business!

I searched EVERYWHERE for the color copy of this picture. It’s my 6th grade year book photo. It’s so epic that Zach literally carried it in his wallet for several years. Of course I can’t find it now but I’m sure any of my friends from 6th grade who have it would gladly share. Again, wearing my mom’s clothes (what was up with that? was that a thing?!?!). This time a GREEN TURTLENECK SWEATER. In some weird material like velour or something. And my glasses are so huge and I have no neck due to the large turtleneck look. I always wondered why I didn’t have a boyfriend that year πŸ˜‰

I got contacts in 6th grade and lost a lot of my baby fat. Thank you puberty! Clearly I had some confidence rocking that pony on picture day (or I just forgot it was picture day? B/c the collared shirt is an odd choice as well!)

My hair has always been quite the struggle. I have SO MUCH HAIR. And it’s that mousy brown and it’s not straight and not curly. It’s just BLAH. My mom did a good job of keeping my innocence for a long time. I never wore makeup or used any sort of styling products. But I do wish she would have found a way to help a sister out with the hair styling. I needed it! Heck I’m almost 32 and still can’t manage a curling iron πŸ˜‰

Some moments in life are so horrifying that you NEVER forget them and the lessons learned from them stick forever. NEVER will I EVER let a stylist chop off my hair again. Ever.  I literally went in to get my hair STYLED for homecoming and came out with a drastic hair cut. It was so short that I had tan lines on the back of my neck from where my old hair used to always cover it. I know a lot of people have horrible bangs at some point. Not me, I just had the horrible short hair! And of course this was 9th grade. Like when it REALLY starts to matter!!!

 I was never a big fan of dancing. I dance WAY more now with kids than I ever did in my life prior to them. It’s just awkward and uncomfortable and I only went to the school dances for an excuse to dress up, go to a nice dinner, and hang out with friends. I had a mega serious boyfriend all through high school and we went to all the dances together. We were actually broken up for Senior Prom but still went together (although he wasn’t the boy I kissed that night…scandalous!) 

Junior  Homecoming 

Junior Prom

Senior Homecoming 

Senior Prom

I also had several random “professional” pictures with my high school boyfriend? I mean like we had some of our senior photos taken together. I wonder who in the world I handed those out to? And poor people who may have gotten one of those in their graduation invitation! This one was my favorite of the couples pics…I am ONLY posting it b/c I know Zach will totally enjoy one thing about it: MY SHOES. 

All of my senior photos crack me up. I wonder how much my dad spent on them all because it seems like I had a million different sessions or something! I remember I did the make up session at the end of the summer b/c I learned how to straighten my hair and it finally looked SO MUCH BETTER. 

This is the smile of someone who knows how cheesy and dumb this prop is haha

Who didn’t get a senior picture with their dog?!?! At least she did long outlive the high school boyfriend right? πŸ˜‰

It’s always fun to think about Zach in school vs me in school. We graduated the same year of high school. We grew up 4 hours away from each other and as a kid we’d actually stop to eat at the Red Lobster here in Valdosta on our road trips from Lawrenceville to Melbourne. I wonder if Zach and I would have hit it off in high school if we had gone to school together? I do know if we were an item then that he FOR SURE would have gone away to college. When we first starting dating I couldn’t believe all the big football opportunities he passed up to stay in Valdosta! 

One thing is for sure: we both had a lot of learning to do with our hair game πŸ˜‰ I think our hair is looking better in our 30s than in our teens for sure! Doesn’t he look sooooo intimidating?!?! 

There you have it! Be sure to visit the other blogs linked up today at Momfessionals!


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