Show and Tell Tuesday: Embarrassing Moments

I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals today to share some of my most embarrassing moments!

I don’t tend to get super embarrassed? I learned from a pretty early age to laugh things off and I’m kinda a weirdo and enjoy awkwardness, even if I’m the one that’s awkward. I also have found that moments that may have embarrassed me when I just had one kid (tantrum in public, peeing all over my dress at church, etc) now are just hilarious right off the bat since I have three kids. Three kids has allowed me the freedom to take myself a lot less seriously ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have very few moments that I get really uncomfortable thinking about. Except for one. Whew. I cringe every time this comes up. And it comes up often. Because it happened with my neighbor across the street…

I was coming home from a great lesson at church about being kinder to people, reaching out more etc. So when I got out of my car in my garage and saw my neighbors across the way also exiting their car I chatted them up. Our garages face each other but are across the street from each other so it’s not the easiest way to have a conversation but I thought I needed to be more friendly! They are my neighbors!

I see the wife pretty regularly in passing but, again, rarely speak. In my friendly chatter I made THE mistake. The cardinal rule of womanhood was broken. I asked if she was pregnant. But yall know me I didn’t just say “so are you pregnant?” I said “Oh! Are you having another baby?” When she said NO I just kept on digging my whole and followed it up with “I’m sorry! I saw your POOCH and thought you must be PREGNANT.” WHILE DOING HAND MOTIONS TOUCHING MY BELLY.

OMG yall.

Her poor husband tried to save me. He tried to cut me off and asked how my summer was going. My husband? He peeked his head out of our door to see what was taking me so long to come inside and saw my look of mortification and left me hanging hahaha.

It’s been several years since this incident and I keep hoping my neighbors will move. But, nope, still there. While I was pregnant with Tess I kept waiting for one of them to say something snide to me but it never happened. I basically avoid them at all costs. Guess the church lesson kinda had the opposite effect huh?

I’d say most of my embarrassing moments are things that others wouldn’t even understand why it embarrassed me. My second biggest embarrassing moment happened when I was completely alone. I was driving on the interstate in high school in my yellow bug. A common “VW Bug” thing is to beep and wave to other Bugs. I saw a fellow VW from afar and beeped and waved and when I did I crossed several lanes of traffic. Thankfully no one was in any of the lanes but I was mortified. I felt like such an idiot and haven’t ever shared this story with anyone b/c I still feel super dumb about it!

I’ve had some pretty funny things happen while pregnant (worn clothes inside out, had toilet paper dragging behind me) but being a mom of a newborn usually brings out the most embarrassing times in parenting. Being SO exhausted makes you an easy target I guess. This one happened when Tess was a newborn. Whew if you have had three kids then you know what I’m talking about but I was extra exhausted after her. Especially because Zach and Britt both had a stomach virus the night I got home from the hospital and they had to leave the house. So I was solo with Tess for a few days which was rough!

Casey loves to tell the story when I called and ask her to come over to help me so I could get some much needed sleep. She walked in the door and I was sprawled out on the bed. Fully clothed. Including tennis shoes. I was drooling everywhere. I was laying on top of the covers with both my arms spread out and the baby monitor laying in one of them haha

During my exhaustion phase I was also adjusting to nursing. Each baby brings about different nursing challenges. For me, I always over produce milk and when my milk comes in it’s painful and just so much easier to let the ladies run free. The air helps the tenderness and aids in healing. It especially was the easiest way to roll with it during those few days that I was home completely alone. So there I was. Topless. Still looking a solid 6 months pregnant or so (probably even more than that b/c I struggled with losing ANY weight after baby #3). I was sitting on the couch nursing/attempting to nurse Tess. I heard a knock on my door. Well I’m notorious for ignoring the door anyway but I especially wasn’t answering it in that condition. So I ignored it.

And a few minutes later I look up to see the bug man. On our bag porch spraying. With a CLEAR view of everything going on through our MASSIVE windows that cover almost the entire wall of our living room and view into the back yard. I always joke with Zach that he never has to worry about me running off with the bug man b/c he’s def seen me at my absolute worst.

Yes. This is AFTER Tess was born!!!

There you have it! My top three embarrassing moments ๐Ÿ™‚ 

There you have it! A few of my top most embarrassing moments!

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