Sedgley Family Vacation: St. Simon’s

It’s been about 15 YEARS (yes 15!!!) since my little family (meaning me, my mom and my brother) have been on a vacation together! For Christmas this past year Mom and I came up with a great idea to give the guys golf lessons at Sea Island and take a family vacation to St. Simon’s! I’ve been looking forward to it all summer and couldn’t wait to get there and spent quality time together!

(Everytime we stay somewhere we always take a picture of Zach on our bed…Kye joined him this time haha)

Gramma was so excited to see Kye! I enjoyed him being the only baby as we’re used to Parker family gatherings where he’s one of three! She bought him this cute little monkey outfit 🙂

We’re all hurting for money right now so we planned to make the trip as affordable as possible! We all packed stuff for breakfast and lunch and Mom brought a lasagna she had cooked for the first night there. We all had fun catching up and playing Triple E (I know that’s NOT how you say it but oh well it’s how I say it!). Growing up I remember all my relatives sitting around playing it and it was so fun to learn how and to carry on the tradition to our generation 🙂

Of course Zach won!!! Doesn’t he always?

The next morning the guys had their golf lessons (more on that in a future post) and Mom and I took a walk with Kye while Chrissy got some sleep! He got to use his umbrella stroller for the first time! I LOVE that it’s so so so much more compact than the HUGE travel system stroller. I did not love, however, how the sun shade couldn’t come down to cover his face if we were walking towards the sun. It worked well enough though and helped Mom and I work up a little sweat to start the day!

To cool off I went and swam laps in the pool…and OMG I MISS swimming so much!!!! I’m DYING to have our own pool so I can swim like that everyday! I HATE working out but I know I’d swim like crazy if I had a place to do it!

That night we went out to eat at a cute little cafe place called The 4th of May. It was SO good! I’m so glad Chrissy felt more comfortable around Kye! I know what it’s like to not be a huge let-me-hold-the-baby person and so I never pressured her to hold Kye but I glanced over and he was in her arms! And let me tell you he LOVES his Aunt Chrissy!

We went for a walk down the pier…it was really windy so Zach and I didn’t walk all the way to the end but can’t you tell Kye had a blast?

St. Simon’s has the most beautiful trees. They are all huge and mossy covered everywhere you look. Had to get some pics (of course!). Wouldn’t this make a great engagment picture? Hey, I could be the next Javon haha

We ended the night with more game playing and Zach actually LOST, as in came in VERY LAST PLACE when we played Loaded Questions! Yesssss. I know it’s mean but he always wins so it’s kinda fun when he doesn’t for a change haha. Am I mean?

Even though we ragged on him for losing he still cooked us all a HUGE breakfast Saturday morning! It was so so yummy!

That night we went out on the town again this time to a super cute place called Mullet Bay. We had to get a family picture before we left to celebrate our worth-the-wait vacation together!

Zach is such a cool dad because after we ate he strapped on the Baby Bjorn and wore Kye around the town! People were really giving him looks and I could tell a couple younger guys were looking at him and thinking, “I’ll NEVER do that.” Little do they know that when you become a parent you’d do a lot of things you’d never think you’d do! I’m glad Zach likes to “wear” Kye b/c I would look rediculous with that huge baby strapped to me haha.

We walked down the pier again and got some yummy ice cream..isn’t Kye’s face hilarious?

He loved the Bjorn and was such a good boy while on our walk!

On our last night we all played Triple E again…and this time I WON!!!!! It’s a miracle but I did! I was pretty pumped about my awesome hand too 🙂

Overall it was a really, really fun trip! I really hope we can do something like this every year from now on. I know we probably can’t go for as long most of the time but even 2 nights in a hotel would be fun! Just time together making memories is what it’s all about and I’m so thankful we were able to do it this year! It was about dang time 😉

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  1. Danielle
    July 2, 2009 / 3:24 pm

    Awe these past few post have made me miss highschool. My family went to St. Simons and Jekyll every year for spring break and I miss that so much! The 4th of May is so good!

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