First 48 Session

I have SO many people comment about how I have a photographer in the delivery room for my babies. I know it’s not a super common practice and isn’t something that many (most?) women would… View Post

Hospital Stay {Day 3}

Robyn and I got up pretty early and started getting ready for the day. I felt a lot more rested and ready for our last day at the hospital!  The nursery nurse came in and… View Post

Tess Hospital Stay {Day 2}

On Tess’s second day of life it was her due date! I couldn’t believe I had my baby in my arms instead of in my belly. I had been so nervous about going past my… View Post

Hospital Visitors {Day 2}

Even though I didn’t get much sleep that first night in the hospital, I still wanted to get up and get ready for the day. I remember with past babies that it was tough to… View Post

Hospital Stay {Day 1}

While in the hospital I took around 800 pictures. Yes. I went a little camera crazy haha! Obviously I went through and edited them down but I’m also splitting up the hospital stay into smaller posts… View Post