Week Seven Summary

Brittlynn’s 7th week of life was from January 17th – the 23rd. Here’s what we were up to that week: Sleep: BIG events in the world of sleep for Miss Britt! On 1/17 she had… View Post

Officially Swaddle Free!

From the beginning the swaddle has been a wonderful sleep tool for our family! Kye LOVED it and it really helped him to be able to sleep. I don’t know what we would have done… View Post

Summary of Month Four

Obviously, I’ve stopped the weekly Kye updates as changes have been less often I feel it can be summed up once a month in one LONG post! So here goes nothing! Here are the changes… View Post

Week 12 Summary

Week Change Ok, so I’m an idiot. But I also think this whole age thing is confusing as crap! When we are born we are in our 1st year but then we turn 1 year… View Post

Week Ten Summary

We’re in the double digits now! So crazy! Here’s what’s been up with Kye this past week: Rice Cereal: As I mentioned in an earlier post Zach really wanted to try giving Kye rice cereal… View Post