10 Goals for a First Time Mom

If you’re a first time mom who just had a baby, you may wonder what kind of new mom goals you should make. In fact, no matter how new you are to being a mom,… View Post

40 Hours

After Spear was born there was a bit of awkwardness in dealing with decision making. Right away so many questions were asked regarding his care and I always tried to defer to Mama E. The… View Post

6 Week Postpartum Check-Up

I’m not sure if all obs/hospitals work this way but when I had Tess they told me at the hospital to make sure I scheduled my 6 week postpartum visit. 1st baby? I’m sure I… View Post

Week Three Summary

Tess’s 3rd week of life was from August 14th through August 20th. She was two weeks old during this week! Nursing: I know she’s still a “newborn” but at 2 weeks old a lot of the… View Post

How to Manage a Newborn with Older Children while Recovering

Today is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Day! I am blogging about how Babywise has benefitted our family already in our transition to three kids over at Childwise Chat! Today Rachel, from A Mother Far From Home,… View Post