Thoughts and Feelings in the Trenches of a Speech Delay

Sometimes when I go to write the words flow easily. It’s like therapy for me – the way I best express my thoughts and emotions is through writing. But trying to write these thoughts. These… View Post

Mid Month Recap: February 2019

This is the first month I’m attempting to split up our family recaps! My plan is to do a mid-month and end-of-month family recap. Then I’m also going to still have Spear have his own… View Post

Oscars Recap 2019

Oscars Recap 2019.  Every year Katie and I have a mission: see every Best Picture Nominee prior to the Oscar’s Awards Ceremony. It’s a SUPER fun tradition and a good challenge too. It’s not as… View Post

Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is always a holiday that we keep pretty simple and low-key. You can read about how we do Valentine’s Day in this post 🙂  This year we actually left for a ski trip… View Post