Hawaii 2017: Day 4 and Home

On our last day in Hawaii we had some BIG plans 😉 Just kidding…it was pretty much just another relaxing day in paradise! We kicked off the morning with laying out by the pool at… View Post

Hawaii 2017: Day 3

For our third day our plan was to hunt down what is considered to be the most beautiful beach location in Oahu. We thought we’d relax and lay out and just have a chill day… View Post

Hawaii 2017: Day 2

Our second day in Hawaii we decided to hit the road again to check out a swap meet at the Aloha Stadium. It’s something neither of us had ever done (Zach gets annoyed that I’ve… View Post

Hawaii 2017: Day 1 Aulani!!!!

Aflac is SUCH a great company to work for. Not only do they provide great products but they really appreciate their salesforce and reward hard work. We LOVE getting to literally travel the world FOR… View Post

Hawaii Day 5 and 6

Our last full day of the trip I woke up feeling MUCH better. We had bought a good bit of Tylenol and it really did the trick in fighting off whatever crud I had. We… View Post