Savannah Labor Day Trip 2017: Part 2

You can see Part 1 of our trip here!

Sunday we kicked things off with another morning of a yummy breakfast! 

We went to The Funky Brunch and I can’t recommend it enough! Very affordable, very yummy and VERY fun!

You buy pancake batter and toppings and make your own pancakes on a hot top on your table! It was a tad bit high anxiety sitting at a table with a hot top but we have obedient children so we weren’t overly concerned that they’d touch it πŸ˜‰ 

All the toppings!!! Once you use up all your batter you pay for refills and it’s cheaper than the original price. We used two things of batter for our whole family!

Tess loved picking her toppings πŸ˜‰

Here’s a video of cooking the pancake!


Kye wanted a try πŸ™‚ 

They had a great patio area too complete with a hopscotch!

Such an AWESOME way to start our fun day!

The kids were alllll about Zach giving us a tour of the town anytime we drove anywhere. It was really cute because after the tour the day prior Britt was all about sharing some Savannah Facts too

Our museum pass was for three locations so we did the children’s museum and train museum the first day since they were located close together and then the second day we checked out Old Fort Jackson. We aren’t usually suckers for gift shop buys but as we were getting maps and such a man and his wife came back in from the fort and bought bug spray because they said it was AWFUL. And oh my goodness they were right! If you visit the fort BRING BUG SPRAY. We bought some from the gift shop and covered ourselves in it and STILL got bit. It was crazy! 

It was SUCH a pretty view though and a really great fort to visit with kids. Lots to do and see and very interactive which we love! 

We had a bit of time before the first tour so we checked things out! 

They had lots of old tools and such on display

And they had two activities: the kids made their own sandstone and their own gunpowder holders (def not the technical name haha)

Then a “real” soldier told us information about the history of the fort and the area and showed us some of the weapons used during the time of the Civil War. 

Tess was HILARIOUS. As soon as she saw the solider she got SUPER giggly and she thought he was so handsome. Either she likes men in uniform or redheads?

The kids got to participate in musket demonstrations, neither girl wanted to join in but Kye was all about it. 

Here’s some videos: 




I love how serious and focused he is about it!

Then the solider also fired the musket 

And they did sword fighting too!

Tessie watching her crush haha

The girls kinda freaked about the musket firing so Zach stayed with them so Kye and I could go watch the cannon firing. They fire off different cannons every hour (we only stayed for one) and we got to see the LITTLEST one be fired. It was neat because while we waited a HUGE boat passed through!

Watching a bit of a movie before heading out

Our stay for this trip was in a loft and it had a long staircase when you entered the bottom floor. It was always bickering every single time over who got to be the “leader” to go up or down the stairs. 

Lunch in the room! This is the LAST time I’m buying any dang lunchables! I buy them on trips to make life easier on me from having to pack a bunch of stuff but the only kid that actually eats them is Kye! The girls just complain the whole time and don’t even like any of the ones I’ve bought. So I’m done! Bring on any simple, easy, quick, good travel food ideas!!!

That afternoon I wanted the kids to get to walk around an old cemetery for a bit. They didn’t really fully understand or appreciate it but the cemeteries in Savannah are just so awesome so I’m glad we did it!

Representin’ for Gwinnett County πŸ˜‰ 

After our quick stop we headed over to River Street for dinner!

We did a very brief (like 20 min or so) walk down River Street. We got our Christmas ornament and checked out the candy shop then headed to our dinner reservations. I know I always see families with kids walking through shops and browsing but I doubt that is fun for the kids OR the parents? Zach isn’t into that sort of thing (if my dad was with us though he’d be all about it) so we never really “shop” as a family. We see the cool sights and then move right along πŸ˜‰ Maybe once the kids are all older we’ll do more of that? Or maybe us girls will and the boys will go golf πŸ˜‰

I regret not buying this for her and saving it for Christmas. This child LOVES some suckers!

Our one MUST DO while on the trip was to eat at The Pirate’s House. I ate there in middle school on a chorus trip and Zach and I ate together there when on a Student Center trip in college. We both LOVE it! So much history, such great food, such a fun vibe! The kids loved it too, very family friendly!

So many cute pirates!

Kye was SO INTO IT. Oh my goodness not only did he dress up in all the pirate gear that came with his kids meal menu, he talked in full on pirate. The kids menu lists several pirate terms and what they mean and Kye started using them. It was awesome and epic. When our food came I can’t remember the exact term he used but Zach and I were rolling laughing. He makes an awesome pirate!

Oldest house in Georgia!

Our waitress told us some of her ghost sighting experiences (supposedly the restaurant is very haunted). If you ask your waitress or waiter they will tell you their personal experiences but she showed us some pictures which Britt was ALL about. Sometimes Britt randomly surprises me. I expected her to be creeped out by it and possibly dramatic and to have nightmares but instead she wanted to find a ghost haha so we looked and hunted while we went to the bathroom πŸ˜‰ 

This dip y’all. It was AMAZING

So was the shrimp and grits, duh.

(sidenote but dang this is a great pic of Zach…check out those green eyes!)

After we ate we took a tour from a pirate who gave us all the history of the restaurant location!

It’s mentioned by name in Treasure Planet (which I’ve never read)

She wasn’t stellar at the tour, wasn’t super nice or funny or anything haha but hey we couldn’t complain b/c it was free!


We hit up the gift shop and Britt wanted to spend her allowance money on a mood ring. Tess doesn’t have chores yet so she just lucks out and we buy her a little something when the older two spend their earnings (third kids get lucky sometimes!). She, of course, wanted a mood ring too. And lost it within 24 hours πŸ˜‰ 

Britt was ALL about her mood. ALL. About. It. 

To save money we stopped at the grocery store and bought treats for dessert. This is SUCH a great thing to do on family trips. We’ve done it before and it’s always fun. Because we ALL see the yummy treats at the grocery store yet never buy them and it’s a chance to do that. And we only spent $4 total! Boom! 

We had our treats on the patio of the loft and shared our favorite memories from the weekend: Zach, Kye and Britt, Tess and Me!

We truly just had the BEST time. No one was sick. No one was whiney. No one was grumpy. Everyone slept great. Everyone had fun. Everyone was happy. It was just perfection! We all LOVED it and I loved exploring a new place together as a family! It makes me so, so excited to have our family complete and to plan more adventures together as they get older!


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