Robyn’s 30th Surprise Party

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I know some people don’t think turning 30 is all that big of a deal. Zach, for example, keeps saying he doesn’t want to do anything special for his 30th (which is kinda a blessing seeing as my due date is 6 days before his birthday haha). But I personally think 30 is a BIG DEAL and deserves a SPECIAL celebration!!!

Leading up to Robyn’s 30th we talked a good bit about it and I was nervous that nothing was going to happen to make this birthday extra-special for her. I even told her that if nothing else got planned that we’d have to have an awesome GNO or something! I was SO GLAD when Matt text me and told me that he and her sister were putting together a surprise party. I knew Robyn would truly be surprised AND that she’d really appreciate it πŸ™‚

I felt super bad I wasn’t able to do much in the way of help. It was the weekend after we got back from Ireland so there just wasn’t much I could really do from across the country!!! Everyone who put it together did a fantastic job and it was really such a fun night!

Really neat gift of a picture of Robyn from each year of her life!

I know I”m pregnant but even if I wasn’t pregnant…this food was LEGIT!

Robyn loves some Publix cake!

She was SO SHOCKED when she walked in! She even cried!

Group pic attempts πŸ˜‰

Matt and Robyn

Mallory (who is actually a cousin of Zach’s…duh…you know we have relatives everywhere we go haha!), Meghan, Robyn and Kayla

I’m so glad Casey was able to make it to the party too! We both had such a BLAST!

Laura, Robyn’s sister, is one of THE nicest people in the WORLD. Seriously!!!

These three have been super good friends since like kindergarten!

Casey and I both wanted to vomit when we met Heather and learned that she was like 36-38 weeks pregnant. With her first. I mean SERIOUSLY. She shouldn’t have been allowed at the party b/c she looked TOO good!!!!

Robyn’s nephew, Ben

I’m so thankful for Robyn and our friendship! It’s only gotten stronger over the years and it’s such a true blessing to us both πŸ™‚

Going into the party I was a little interested to see what would go down. Robyn LOVES Justin Timberlake so part of me wondered if the party hosts were going to do like a party-party with dancing and loud JT music blaring haha. I knew that wouldn’t really be Robyn’s style but it would have been def a surprise haha. I thought the vibe of the evening was PERFECT. Very chill and relaxed and just lots of fun story telling and plenty of laugher. It was obvious that Robyn was so, so happy and that was the entire point! She was not only surprised, but she felt loved and celebrated! So glad I was able to attend and be part of her special day!

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