Ringing in 2013!

As with the rest of our Christmas break, New Year’s was super low-key. I had semi-wanted to throw together a little game night or something after the kids went to bed but nothing ended up happening. Which was fine! I was perfectly content to just spend the evening at home with my sweet little family 🙂

Zach’s post-Christmas meal was such a success that we decided to do something similar for New Year’s Eve! He used the oil-less turkey fryer to cook some meat and he made homemade mashed potatoes, bread, corn on the cob, green bean casserole, and a bread spread thing I make. It was a FEAST! We also busted out our wedding china for the FIRST time and put it to good use! 

First time I’ve ever asked Kye to take a picture for us…not bad!!!

When I went shopping for groceries they had a big sale on those pre-cut Christmas ones. I’ve heard other people say how yummy they are but have never actually eaten one before. Since they were so cheap I thought it’d be a fun dessert for our dinner. Kye loves Frosty the Snowman so he was excited. And we even let Britt have one too!

After Britt went to bed we got out the Christmas present the kids got Zach…air hockey! We took turns playing against Kye for our game night together and it was really fun! Surprisingly the cheap little set works quite well and we laughed a lot with our commentary on each other’s skills. Zach has a good sports announcer voice!

Also when I was at the store I thought of the idea of getting each of us (Zach and I, not the kids obviously) a little tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. We NEVER eat expensive ice cream and we were saving a TON of money by not going on a date night or out to eat or something for the holiday so, why not? When I was buying it a guy was there with his elderly mom and she saw me getting some and talked about how badly she wanted some too. He would not let her buy any though! Poor lady! I told him that calories eaten on New Year’s Eve do NOT roll over to the New Year. Good theory, right? Zach and I spent our New Year’s watching Bachelor Pad (I know…it’s from the SUMMER but we’ve just never gotten around to watching it) and eating our treats. Romantic, right? If you think we’re boring then you’re probably right haha

On New Year’s Day we went over to Katie’s house! We had yet to go over there and ohmygoodness we were BLOWN away! She now lives in the house that used to belong to her grandparents and she has done SO much awesome stuff to it and has really made it her own space. We were impressed! We exchanged gifts (she’s such a sweet friend and even gets our kids the sweetest gifts!), ate pizza, and enjoyed a visit together!

She got Kye this hilarious straw that is bent and shaped to wear as glasses…priceless!

Zach attempting to keep Britt happy 😉

They say however you start the New Year is a sign for what is to come during that year. I started the year in such a great way. With the people who matter THE most to me in this world: my husband and children. I spent it enjoying their company and getting to enjoy the company of a true, life-long friend. Couldn’t have asked for a better start for sure! (Ok…maybe NYE at Disney World or on some exotic vacation could have topped it…but our quite little holiday was wonderful too haha). 


  1. Rebekah Lewis
    February 6, 2013 / 9:25 pm

    I've really come to love quiet and intimate new year eves! My family all gets together for a big New Year Day celebration, it's so nice not being exhausted for that after entertaining until after midnight!

  2. Robyn Mullican
    February 10, 2013 / 10:36 pm

    I somehow missed this post and am just now seeing it today?? Who knows! I really have started to LOVE quiet nights at home starting new traditions – they really top leaving the kids behind and going out!

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