I’ve been busy FINALLY doing Christmas Cards (I’m later than usual because I wanted to be able to use pics from his 9 month photo session!) and I just realized something pretty ridiculous. I’m a hardcore deal finder and this year I got a GREAT deal on our cards that worked out to each card only costing $0.22! I’m all proud of myself for saving so much money and I’m thinking all kinds of great thoughts about how thrifty I am as I address them. Then I start putting on the stamps and realize that stamps are now $0.44!!! So basically for every card I send I’m spending double the cost of the card for the cost of the stupid stamp!!! That really is sooo stupid! Why can you bargain hunt for everything else in the world yet the cost of stamps just keeps going up and up and up! Grr…and the thing is I sit and complain about it but what will change? The cost of the stamp will probably be even higher by next Christmas but yet I’ll still send out 80 plus cards like I did this year. Thanks Government!

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