Ridemakerz: Avengers!

We LOVE Ridemakerz! I was so honored when the company contacted me last year and sent us some ridez to build and enjoy. The kids really love them and the experience of assembling them was something we all thought was fun!

Since we have enjoyed our ridez so much I think they would make excellent gifts for family and friends. I was very excited to hear about the release of Avengers and Hulk themed ridez! We don’t do super heroes in our house but my nephew loves them and I’m super pumped to get a ride for him to build and race all over the place!

Here are both of the new themed ridez available:

Avengers Corvette – $35

This Chevrolet Corvette features an Avengers-themed design, which
includes Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor.  It comes ready to assemble with a freewheel
street chassis, 4 stock tires, 4 stock rims, working lights and sounds. 

Hulk Blitz – $35

This RZ Blitz RIDE includes a Hulk-themed body featuring his
famous catch phrase “SMASH!”, a freewheel street chassis, 4 stock tires, 4
stock rims, working lights and sounds.

You can see both of the new ridez, as well as all the other awesome options, for yourself here. They make a great gift for any little action hero loving boy (or their dad!)

Right now Ridemakerz is having a giveaway! It ends tomorrow and you can enter to win TWO new rides with R/C ($120 value). You can enter here!

I’m so glad we learned about Ridemakerz. Their products have such great designs, are easy to assemble, and pass the test of time! Plus they are just super cool, right?!?!

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