Red Lobster BIrthday

Zach and I are both SO blessed to have such a true, loyal, wonderful friend in Katie. Zach was friends with her before I even entered the picture and we’ve been together for over 7 years now so that means Katie’s been my friend for that long as well! Dang! That’s a LONG time!!! We always enjoy celebrating our birthdays together but sadly this year Katie’s grandmother passed away right around the time of her birthday. We put the party on hold and ended up celebrating on June 17th! We went to Red Lobster and was SO good! They have this 4 course meal deal for only $15 and it’s a-mazing. I totally am DYING to go back!!!

I was very proud of how well Kye did at the restaurant…he enjoyed all his food but he especially enjoyed the lobsters! Usually Zach will take Kye out to walk or look at things like that while I visit with whoever we are out to eat with. He took the first round (when Kye got antsy waiting on our food to arrive) and I took the second round (when we waited for our check to arrive). Um..from now on I’m taking him on these little adventures!!! He enjoyed the lobsters which was fun for me to watch – but everyone else in the waiting area enjoyed watching Kye which was even MORE fun for me! Don’t all moms love it when people compliment their child? Kye went up to another little girl his age and asked her to come see the lobsters with him and she refused. Her grandma ask his age and she said her granddaughter was the same age but that Kye was so much more outgoing, vocal, and polite! It was a proud mom moment for sure (and I left telling Zach that moments like those make ALL the hard babywise work totally worth it and it’s a great reminder to raise Blitzen just as “hardcore” as we did Kye!) 🙂

Dinner was great and the night only got better we got some ADORABLE pictures outside before heading back to our house. Katie and I planned to watch Grey’s because Zach was going to do something with someone (I cannot remember the specifics) but he ended up not doing that thing so we watched one episode of Grey’s (we’re still like 9 episodes behind haha) then we all played UNO all night. It was SO FUN. It’s easy to let adult life take over and to forget how FUN it is to sit around and play games but we really do love it…especially with Katie! We really need to have another game night soon, nights like that keep us young 😉

The Birthday Girl, Kye and I

they were both too cute to just pick one!

I love my fam!

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  1. Megan Ray
    July 14, 2011 / 2:21 am

    Alright, miss Emily, you convinced me. I hadn't really heard of Babywise besides your mentions on your blog, but I'm definitely intrigued. I'm getting ready to go through your archives and read all the ones that you've tagged with babywise and I'm planning on getting the book. It sounds like you're really happy with it, so I'd like to learn more.LOVE the pics of your family!

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